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portland indymedia video night with the Cascadia Media Collective

portland indymedia video night - july 29 2002 at liberty hall
Hold on to your horses !!
Batten the hatches !!
Pull up your socks !!

Cascadia Media Collective is coming to Portland !!

Some accuse them of being a primitivistchaoticistmatriarchalpaganjihad cult. Others hail them as brave footsoldiers in the global insurrection against authoritarianism, taking their cameras where no corporate drones dare to go, and coming out with the footage that tells the TRUTH !! What's all the fuss about? Come find out for yourself !!

For one night and one night only, join portland indymedia and CMC for a night of indy film and guerilla video training.

Fresh from the Berry Patch Massacre, CMC will share their skills with YOU !! Now you too can become the media, report from the front lines, and help expose the lies of the capitalist monster.

Also featured this evening will be the "Indyreal", a compilation of video from IMCs around the world. This program includes footage from Palestine, inside the Jenin compound with Yasser Arafat. See the side of the Occupation that CNN didn't want you to know about.

Monday, July 29 - 7:00 p.m.
Liberty Hall
311 N. Ivy
(S. of Fremont, W. of Vancouver)

And now for even more controversy 25.Jul.2002 15:00

self-described PDXIndy watchdog a subscriber

And now for even more controversy...

As a counter-balance, some people feel IndyMedia unfairly censored a feature story about primitivism just a few days ago. A link to the discussion is here...

Discussion on cesoring the primitivism feature story

We all make mistakes 25.Jul.2002 15:12

a subscriber

Here is the link...

Link to the discussion

reply 27.Jul.2002 00:12


portland indymedia did not censor a feature. . .to state so is a lie. . .the person who posted the feature (Android9) was asked to rework it cause it was sloppy and did not particularly fit to simple and loose editorial guidelines. . .he himself took it down. . .nobody else touched it

rather than put in a bit of effort to fix it, he has spent his time falsely claiming that it was censored. he could have addressed/negotiated the concerns and had it back up pronto. the fact that it is not currently up is his own doing.

this sort of reworking of features is a common thing

Android9 seems more interested in having something to fight about, than in getting positive work done.


Thank You 28.Jul.2002 09:28

a subscriber

Thank you for setting it straight, Deva.

I stand corrected.

Good work.

Liar? 29.Jul.2002 09:33


Deva is full shit.

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