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Press Conference: Whistleblower Blasts Primate Care at Oregon Lab

This is a 14 minute audio file of the Press Conference on July 24, 2002 at the In Defense Of Animals office, concerning recent allegations of Tom Larimar, a former primate technician from Oregon Regional Primate Research Center. A statement from Larimer was read by Matt Rossell, of In Defense of Animals.
Unable to quiet his conscience, Tom Larimer is speaking out about mistreatment of monkeys at the lab operated by Oregon Health and Science University. Nearly two years have passed since Matt Rossell's August 2000 press conference exposing abuses at ORPRC that he witnessed while working as a primate technician. An outraged Larmier asserts that he has witnessed the same inhumane primate care working as a primate technician.
Quoting Larimer: 'Some of the things I saw on a daily basis there made my blood boil. Animal management techniques at the ORPRC are pretty much the same as they were in North AMerican Zoo world circa 160-in other words, the Dark Ages.'
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