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Cascadia Media Collective Benefit Thursday

As far as I can tell, energy in Eugene is super up right now. Let's keep resistance rockin' -----Marshall
Cascadia Media Collective Benefit Thursday
Cascadia Media Collective Benefit Thursday
Benefit for Eugene's Cascadia Media Collective
Thursday, July 25th 9 PM
Sam Bond's Garage, 4th and Blair

Two benefit events, one in Eugene and one in Portland, will raise funds for Eugene's Cascadia Media Collective. The group produces video projects covering local, national and international resistance to the corporate/state machine.

The Eugene event will include video pieces about:
*The West Eugene Parkway debate
*The recent massive tree cutting in North Eugene
*The campaign to save owls and ancient ecosystems at the Berry Patch timber sale
*A music and photo slideshow of ongoing anti-globalization uprisings from around the world, in 6 countries in the last 4 weeks.

The night will conclude with music from local performer DJ Sleeve.
Admission will be $3 to $25.
The show will start at 9 PM on Thursday July 25th at Sam Bond's Garage, 4th and Blair,

homepage: homepage: http://www.cascadiamedia.org

pdx details? 24.Jul.2002 01:14

video fan

Sounds great -- what are the Portland details?

Portland details... 24.Jul.2002 02:19

marshall forloveoflife76@hotmail.com

Portland details have not been communicated to me yet, I know it will be at Liberty Hall in the next week or so...keep posted, if you will.

Portland details...
Portland details...

why eugene is 'super up' 24.Jul.2002 07:03


Eugene must be 'super up' as stated in the post because the green anarchy collective and all their cronies are out of town spreading the gospel of moralism and propaganda.(And selling lots of dumb t-shirts with guns on them)...

Comment to "None" 24.Jul.2002 10:00


Nothing you can say will discourage resistance! Each person, city, country will resist in thier own way. No doubt you love to hang on IMC sites and discourage people from joing forces to resist the present takeover of world resources. Eugene has it's own flavor or resistance. It may not be your way. That must bother you immensely. Probably hate Zerzan too. Just another mole who thinks you can discourage the revoltion by trying to play people, groups, and energy against each other. How much are they paying you? We're on to you!

yeah, nice try 24.Jul.2002 10:19


so what you are saying is that anyone that has a different opinion than you is "being paid" to disrupt?
Surely you have a hyper-inflated sense of self-importance if that is the case....