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No Oregon Health Plan Co-Pays Demonstration

the following important demonstration planned tomorrow

The demonstration is against proposed co-pays for recipients of ambulatory services and pharmaceuticals on the Oregon Health Plan. We hope to see all of you in downtown Portland for the demo on Wednesday.

We Are Demanding
NO Oregon Health Plan CO-PAYS
  • Project Equality
  • Elders in Action
  • Multnomah County Disability Services Advisory Committee Mental Health
  • Association of Oregon Independent Living Resources
  • Community Alliance of Tenants
  • Oregon Advocacy Center
  • The Advocacy Coalition
  • Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities
  • Clackamas County Disability Advocacy Coalition
at NOON on
Wednesday JULY 24th
At Lownsdale Square
SW 4th & SW Salmon

learn about the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) co-pays sign letters to your legislators telling them what OHP co-pays will do to you, your family and friends sign our THANK YOU cards to Representative Bates and Senator Hannon for working so hard during the last special Legislative session to delay and even cancel some of the OHP co-pays.

We know we are winning because co-pays for OHP have been delayed until January of 2003. That's why we are not quitting.

For more info call 800-789-1599

address: address: Portland

not that I mean to be unsupportive but 23.Jul.2002 22:25


As a social worker who works with people on the OHP and who are HIV+ I really do not a problems with people paying a small copay for medications. I think it is a mistake to expect a complete handout for health care. We all need to be responsible about making sure the OHP is around for all even if that means contributing when nessesary or telling a doctor that you are fine on an older medication even though a newer and much more expensive medication is available.

Besides the OHP will waive premiums for most people how simply can not pay (o income) and I understand that they are likely to do the same with this plan as well. Lastly I was under the impression that the medication copays are for open card holders (which is a little silly in the Mult Co area)

I mean to be supportive and I am standing up! 24.Jul.2002 11:08


I am also a social worker and I work with the elderly. A co-pay for the Oregon Health Plan would economically devaste many of the people I help. The OHP only serves the poorest of the poor. This raise in co-pays takes away food money and heat money. It is really hard for the working poor to get on the plan. Most of the recipents are are disabled and very poor elderly. A co-pay requires cash. Cash is what they do not have. Most of the elderly I serve worked hard all thier lives, are women, live on about $380-$500 a month, already have to use that money for needed pharmaceuticals that are keeping them alive (the plan does not cover alot of drugs), and live on about $50 a month for food. They get food stamps, but very little (most get about $30 a month. They do not have the transportation to get food boxes from food banks (can only get every 3 to 6 months anyway).

If OHP asks for a co-pay then these people will not go to the doctor or will go and use food money.

The OHP is not funded well. It is top-heavy with high-priced administrators. The plan now is to go after the poor to pay more...which they do not have.

I will be at the rally today at noon. I will vote for the Health-care-for-all-Oregon initative in November...(Yes, it did make the ballot!)...because I am tired of seeing 80 and 90 year old women having to live on $30 a month for food....

And you think this country is not sexist!

Dignity! 24.Jul.2002 15:26

dignity for all

"I have the audacity to believe that people everywhere can have three meals a day for their bodies, education and culture for their minds, and dignity,equality and freedom for their spirits. I believe that what self-centered
men have torn down, other-centered men can build up."
--Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

No one should have to pay! 24.Jul.2002 22:40

OHP recipient

Kevin (and other health-insured folx),

While the Oregon Health Plan is the only way I can get health coverage right now -- and I'm quite glad to have coverage, given that my teeth tend to rot regardless of my efforts otherwise -- that doesn't mean I can afford to pay co-pays for, say, ambulance rides or much-needed medicine. OHP makes me pay a monthly premium (to the best of my knowledge, the range is between $12 and $35 per month) to receive this care, so it's not like I get a free ride. And to qualify for OHP, I have to earn under $700 per month. If you haven't checked lately, housing prices in Portland are hovering around $400 for a room, if you've got the first/last/deposit covered when you move. If you can't pay all that and you have to move, you'll get a rip-off "hotel" charging you outrageous prices by the week.

I don't mean to get into a rant about what it's like to be poor, but just because you get paid ($12/hour? or $20?) to work with poor people, doesn't give you the qualifications to decide that they can cough up $15 for an ambulance ride. IT'S HARD to get OHP to waive your payments (if you ever expect to get back on it again). And what situation would require an ambulance ride? Probably not one where you suddenly came into some extra cash.

Co Pay is just one more Bill 25.Jul.2002 22:24

poor mom

When we remain low enough income to be able to have medical care it is not always ez to cough up a co pay. The fee is so minimal but not when you don't have anything!
With that said....when i have a copay and the money isn';t there and i don't pay...then THEY say....well you didn't pay your copay. Now you can't get your medical needs met because you didn't pay your copay!
One more business telling me i get nothing because i owe so then a great system is not available to the ones who cannot just manifest the copay. boring huh? This is our life. ONE stealth bomber costs 8+ Billion Dollars!!!!!!