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A great idea for a protest/culture jamming

Here's an idea...
Apparently Bethany Village, the great yuppie community/strip mall in the middle of nowhere, has 'Summer Concerts' every Thursday evening from 6:30-8:30pm, with 'live'(they're dead really) bands, over priced hot 'dogs', ice cream bars, and other such distgusting things. <www.bethanyvillage.com> This would be a great opportunity for activits to hand out flyers concerning Land Rights Use, Urban Planning issues, Corporate Greed(as most of the businesses in Bethany Village are part of a larger corporation), and Consumer Lust/Waste. This is just a jumping off point and do as you please.

There is no info about bus routes on their website (I guess *everyone* should drive cars), but I know the 67 goes by there.

Good luck.