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Manifesto for a Social Humanity

"The nation state in whose interest wars are instigated must be `socialized' through a broad tax boycott. Thus `make love' could become social reality. We must appropriate time for ourselves and for the necessities...These means of (re-) production are still in the hands of a small, profit-mongering minority as well as the state machinery holding us in the prison of foreign-determined work and its market." This manifesto is translated from the German.
Manifesto for a Social Humanity

by initiative menschliche emanzipation, July 6, 2002

[This manifesto is translated from the German on the World Wide Web, www.indymedia.de.]

Demonstrations alone will not help us. How would a movement appear that goes beyond demonstrative protests and social reformism a la "Attac"? The following manifesto is an attempt to revolutionize the totalitarian everyday life. We must now hearken back to our lost utopias and reclaim the poetry of the future. Only the little step is needed from "reclaim the brains" to "reclaim the reality". Bring along your ideas so a manifesto with a social-emancipatory theme may arise!

Manifesto for a Social Humanity

2500 years ago this present civilization was created through the subjugation of women as the first slaves by means of force of arms and wars. The original love- and life-goddesses were replaced by strict monotheistic male gods. Peoples under the dictatorship of patriarchal tyrants were created out of tribes. From the start, this civilization was a militarization in which the strongest prevailed militarily and stamped their production- and war methods on all other peoples and later nations. Arms production was always one of the most important sectors of this "civilization".

Peoples arose out of tribes. States created through wars came out of peoples. the middle-class nation state arose through technological and social upheaval and wars. The results were new oppression and tyranny, a chance of form and further slavery for those without property and means of production. Out of the slaves of antiquity came serfs who were paid laborers 200 years ago. They, especially the women, were and are the ones who suffer this exploiter- and war civilization.

The more competition for world hegemony intensified since the last century between the leading industrial nations and within the East-West dichotomy between Nato and the Warsaw pact, the more this sector was developed and the more bestial weapons of mass destruction (ABC weapons and neutron bombs) were produced. The funds for that militarization were forced from the increasingly impoverished workers. Every wage slave had to work for the gigantic arms production and the military machine that protected the interests of the rich and powerful. Since antiquity, they built up the state with its monopoly on force.

In the course of the so-called "neo-liberalism", accompanied by the collapse of the eastern block, more and more arms firms were privatized or severed from state control mechanisms and began production and trade for guerilla bands and warlords who began or extended their predatory attacks and plunderings in the collapsed [parts of the world devastated and impoverished by earlier wars. Larger economic units were differentiated. In many countries,. dictatorial and fascist war lords and politicians came to power who relied on ethnic madness.

The sector of the war economy (military-technological complex) has completely dominated all other economic branches for some time and drives humanity into the 3rd World War. The more weapons of mass destruction are produced as a "supply", the more instability is created as a "demand factor". Both the collapse of the eastern block ("armed to death") and also the capital crimes of September 11, 2001 are results of this striving for power and the world domination mania along with capital reproduction and competition by means of military overkill.

Let us focus on the anti-war movement that seeks to put a stop to war and its legality.

"Swords into plowshares!", "Convert arms production!" and "Make love, not war!" were and are demands of the anti-war movement. Deeds must follow from the words and appeals. the anti-war movement must go to weapons firms and ask the workers there to abandon their work and not participate in arms production! Instead they should produce socially useful products. The nation state engendering wars must be "socialized" through a broad tax boycott. Thus "make love" could become social reality. We must appropriate time for ourselves and for the necessities (good food, living space fit for human beings and a social culture) in a friendly war. These means of (re-) production are still in the hands of a small, profit-mongering minority as well as the state machinery holding us in the prison of foreign-determined work and its market.

We work, work and work and pay, pay, and pay tremendous taxes although this state consists of helmsmen who long ago lost orientation about where the boat - in which we all presumably sit - is heading. Businesses and the state refuse to tell us where the coerced tax funds are pumped. A black hole seems to exist both in the state and in the dominant parties in which black market moneys burden us as debts.

The huge debt mountain, increased by arms production and wars, has risen and can no longer be paid off. On the other hand, we hardly still have what is most necessary for existence. Our real income has shriveled through the tax increases and currency conversions. However instead of resisting, the battle around "the feeding trough" intensifies and the everyday terror of everyone against everyone else worsens. Structural force is manifest in all the pores and fibers of this competitive society.

Why do we still cooperate? Even toddlers are raised by their parents to obey the abstract laws of the economy. Their social abilities, sympathy and zest for life are driven out of them. This leads to indifference and sadism or blind rage with destructive mania. Thus many follow the conduct taught them to survive in the competitive society.

However not everyone is weak-willed and dulled! For a long time - Seattle represents the beginning - engaged persons have taken to the streets and workers strike ever more often in all countries of the world to massively protest against their social misery, the wars and their consequences. Unfortunately they usually fall back into the everyday struggle (spasm, convulsion) of the totalitarian practical necessities after the strikes and demonstrations end. The middle classes with their politicians (as for example "Attac") with more time and resources than the working class try to set themselves at the top of the movement for their social-reformist interests. They keep the "people's global action" movement within the middle class economy and its state and see the cause of evil in distribution or circulation, not in production. In contrast, we know that a change, another world and a social humanity can only be realized through an essentially different production. We must pass over to a production oriented in the social and pleasurable needs of social individuals. Our standardized daily routines and the estranged work society must be revolutionized. We must begin again to form housing- and neighborhood communities and solidarian collectives that respect people as people and respond to their needs. We will no longer join the estranged communication of knowledge in the stultified schools and universities! We will no longer tolerate alienating and exploitative work or endure this military machinery of the state over against us! We should also no longer endure that the owners of property, houses and real estate force enormous sums of rental payments from us even though the investments for building houses largely came out of tax funds.

The personalities of the ruling class do this because they haven't learned anything else, not out of malice. They think that property requires accumulating riches and revel in the "responsibility" of creating jobs or serving a "welfare state" that in reality has become a destructive machinery.

We must pull out this false tooth as quickly as possible and replace it with a wisdom tooth! Wisdom means that it is more rational to be free of pathetic riches instead of dying in riches. We urge them to cooperate in the rich diverse human community and species.

For several years, you have driven on the same old rut of habit and indifference with a train whose engine driver once promised you (and your children/ family) a journey to a beautiful future. Now you discover that the train is racing along the abyss... !!! Still the possibility exists that we can stop it! The emergency brake is our collective and broad resistance against the war barbarism that can no longer be satisfied with harmless little demonstrations and appeals!

Since the war arises out of the basic structure of middle class society and a new perspective must be developed, we must become clear and agree on the characteristics of a new society based on associative and useful production. This means that we hearken back to our lost social utopias and formulate a goal emphasizing concrete people and their needs! We must agree on what we (you and I and he and she) need for life. Now I take a deep breath, relax and try to remind you of what makes you happy and what you need! What was your desire for life in your childhood/ youth? What work products and works do you find meaningful? How would you like to live and work? What should change in your work and your life? Ask yourself and your/ our children and write that down! Send it to us so we can be interwoven and later produce or work for one another as associated producers.

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