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Solo Auction Rally - July 20th

The Solo Timber Sale, where CFA activists have been living in the trees since July 1st, is up for auction at 9 am on Tuesday July 30th in Sandy. Carpools (including a bus from Eugene) leave the Daily Grind (SE 40th & Hawthorne) at 7 am. RSVP for breakfast at the rally at (503)241-4879
Take Action to Stop the Solo Timber Sale

Tuesday July 30th
Breakfast & Rally

The Solo Timber Sale, where CFA activists have been
living in the trees since July 1st, is up for auction
at 9 am on Tuesday July 30th.

We will be attending the auction to send a Wake Up
Call straight to the Forest Service and the potential
purchasers of the Solo sale, letting them know that
the public *will* take action to protect public lands
across our region from the devastating effects of
commercial logging and the Bush administration's
pro-timber agenda.

*7 am Carpools Daily Grind
SE 41st & Hawthorne in Portland

*9 am Mt Hood Forest Supervisors Headquarters:
16400 Champion Way
Sandy, OR

*12 pm BMC West
20285 SW Cipole Road
Sherwood, OR 97140

What to Bring: Signs, costumes, alarm clocks, noise
makers, kazoos, yer coffee cup.

**Call Ivan at (503) 241-4879 and leave your name and
number to RSVP for breakfast at the Solo auction.
Also let us know if you can drive.

Senator Ron Wyden 541-431-0229 Eugene
503-326-7525 Portland;
202-224-5244 Washington, D.C.

Representative David Wu 503-326-2901;
202-225-0855, D.C.

Representative Earl Blumenauer 503-231-2003 or 2300
Portland; 202-225-4811, D.C.

Representative Darlene Hooley 503-557-1324;
202-225-5177, D.C.

Urge them to take a stand against Solo and the
commercial timber sale program which leads to the
mature and old-growth logging seen in sales like Solo,
Berry Patch, Snog and Lost Creek. There are
currently more than 150 timber sales planned in the
Pacific Northwest that collectively target more than
50,000 acres of mature and old-growth forest.

Following the Solo Timber Sale auction, we will have a
funeral march on BMC West for the ancient forests that
have already fallen this summer (including Mt. Hood's
Barstool timber sale).

BMC West is a national lumber yard that sell products
from endangered forests including products from
companies log our public lands.

Carpools for the Funeral March & Rally at BMC will be
leaving from the Solo Timber Sale Auction.

The Solo Timber will clear-cut 157 acres of old growth
forest in the Oak Grove Watershed, including some of
the biggest trees in the Clackamas River Ranger
District, and some of the biggest Pacific Yew trees
in the Mt. Hood NF. The Oak Grove Watershed is
currently a mix of native forest (mature and old
growth) and clear-cuts. The Forest Service intends to
liquidate all remaining mature and old growth forest
to turn the entire Oak Grove Watershed. 1/3 of all of
the logging the Clackamas Ranger District is planning
targets the Oak Grove Watershed.

For more information on Solo & other Mt. Hood Timber
Sales see www.cascadiaforestalliance.org or