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Myths and Monsters in the Media

A truly progressive movement of any kind requires that we question traditional myths and false stereotypes regarding any group of people. When it comes to boy-lovers and pedophiles we have been lacking both in our examination of the belief that "any" sex with children is harmful and abusive, and neglagent in blindly accepting the medias definition of what it means to be a boy-lover or pedophile.
Myths and Monsters in the Media

When any group of people are vilified based on false beliefs, and a disregard for the facts, that group needs the support of the progressive community.

Support does not mean giving agreement to the belief that it's OK for men and boys to be sexual. It does mean giving a thoughtful look at the negative stereotypes and false beliefs associated with adults who are attracted to children. It also means looking beyond the sex negative Christian mentality which regards "any" adult/child sexual contact as the worst of all sins, and spiritually damaging. When it comes to sex and children we're still in the dark ages. It's time the progressive community turned on the lights.

The article, "We Still Believe in Monsters," by Mark Distefano, is a well documented look at the various myths and false beliefs the media has promoted about pedophiles since the early 1940's. One of these myths is that pedophiles are attracted to teenagers or children because of the power differential.

The article clearly points out that most pedophiles discover they're attracted to children during puberty, and power over another human being has nothing to do with their feelings of love and affection for children.

There are two paragraphs in the article that I find exceptional in there perception, and demand that we view others including those whose love and affection is focused on children, as full human beings deserving of our respect.

The paragraphs I refer to are as follows:


"One final consequence of Newsweek-style reporting [involves something almost no one thinks about. Begley correctly wrote that pedophilia begins in adolescence. This should not be surprising, since for people in general, romantic and sexual feelings typically begin in puberty. Imagine an adolescent boy who has come to realize that through no choice of his own, he is attracted to prepubescent children. He hears that pedophilia is a sickness. But he knows that society doesn't really believe that. After all, a decent society does not treat illness by promoting fear and hatred toward the patient, and wishing death upon him.


The boy reads in Newsweek that he is worse than a brutal war criminal, with a mind "beyond decent imagination." He reads the reporter's sympathetic description of a priest who publicly states his desire to gun him down. He must be a monster. He seems to have two choices: to live up to society's expectations, or to kill himself. He knows that even (or maybe especially) police and child care workers would celebrate if he did the latter."

The article by Mark Distefano is well documented, and makes it clear that the progressive movement can no longer turn a blind eye to false stereotypes, media hype and our cultures continued support the medieval Christian condemnation and hatred of any sex outside of marriage.

The article is in four parts and raises a host of thought provoking questions.





I challenge people to read the article and than post what aspect of the article was most meaningful to them.

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My thoughts. 22.Jul.2002 19:29


Well, I'm not sure what to make of this post. I'm guessing it is supposed to raise awareness that not all sex pedo's are violent and harmful.

Okay, but I'm sure that I do understand that most older people are more socially adept and emotionally deeper than children. A child's or teenager's view and understanding of situations are different and less developed. The will and persuasiveness of someone more experienced goes unnoticed by the "victim".

Love and lust are different things. I do not support uncarrying. I support compassion. Do I think it's a sickness? I think that's a cop-out. I may have a cold, but I could still go to work if I wanted to, it's just harder. If you are controlled by your attachment and lust, I'm sure you need more guidence. Should you be punished, ridiculed, isolated. Depends on if you wish to follow the laws of the society you live in.

Social customs change with time and geography. In the middle ages, in some parts of Europe, it was acceptable for men to have teenage lovers. Well, so what. Do you base the majority of your life on sex?

What about the life of the child? They will be critized, laughed at, hurt in more ways than one. If you really love the child, you should not continue a relationship, because you are stunting their own emotional growth. And will cause them pain in the end. Stop being selfish. Control the urge, move past the primal insticts, transcend sexuality.

Children Always Suffer 22.Jul.2002 21:54

Trey Smith vote4pgp@wvi.com

As a former child abuse investigator in both Arkansas & Missouri, I can state that I have never worked a case in which a prepubescent child was better off after having sex with an adult. It always messes them up -- some, I fear, for life.

While I don't believe we need to necessarily demonize pedophiles, when they commit these types of unhealthy acts, we do need to lock them up. I have seen no reliable data indicating a way to help them a) curb their appetites or b) control their impulses.

That may sound harsh, but until we can develop a way to help them heal themselves, we owe it to the children of our society to provide a safe world for them to live in.

FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE 23.Jul.2002 08:09


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<P><FONT face=Arial,Helvetica><FONT color=#cc0000><FONT size=-1>If you
know about a child who is in immediate risk or danger, call your local
police.</FONT></FONT></FONT> <BR><FONT face=Arial,Helvetica><FONT
color=#cc0000><FONT size=-1>If you have any information on a missing
child, call 1-800-THE-LOST.</FONT></FONT></FONT></CENTER>
<P>The CyberTipline handles leads from individuals reporting the sexual
exploitation of children. <BR>
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Customs <BR>Service, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, and state
and local law enforcement in Internet Crimes Against Children Task Forces,
serves as the national CyberTipline and as the national Child Pornography
Tipline 1-800-843-5678.
<P>Please contact us if you have information that will help in our fight
against child sexual exploitation. Your information will be forwarded to
law enforcement for investigation and review, and, when appropriate, to
the ISP. The U.S. Congress has funded these initiatives for
reporting child sexual exploitation. <BR>
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Internet Hotline Providers in Europe.</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><BR>
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<TD vAlign=center align=middle>To report adult obscenity on the
Internet, you may contact
<P><B><FONT color=#ff0000>Other Resources:</FONT></B> <BR>For general
Internet safety information, please visit NCMEC's Education &amp;
Resources area and <A target=_blank
href=" http://www.netsmartz.org/">http://www.netsmartz.org/</A>. For
comprehensive resources on safe Internet use including filtering and
blocking products, information on privacy issues, and a family tool-kit,
please visit www.getnetwise.org and www.safekids.com.
<P><A name="The Possession, Manufacture, and Distribution of"></A><B><FONT
color=#ff0000>The Possession, Manufacture, and Distribution of Child
<DIV align=right>
<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=5 width="90%" border=0>
<TD bgColor=#ffffff>Child pornography has been defined under federal
statute as a visual depiction of a minor (child younger than 18)
engaged in sexually explicit conduct.
<P>This industry is far from a harmless phenomenon. Many
publications catering to this market are directly linked to
child-prostitution rings and provide users with names of available
youths or sex-tour operations.</P></TD>
<TD vAlign=top><A target=_top
href=" https://web.cybertip.org/cyberTipII.html"><IMG height=57
src="CyberTipline_files/staticexploitation.jpg" width=90 border=0
name="The Online Enticement Of Children For Sexual"></A><B><FONT
color=#ff0000>The Online Enticement of Children For Sexual
<DIV align=right>
<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=5 width="90%" border=0>
<TD bgColor=#ffffff>People often send messages on the Internet
without revealing their identity.
<P>Adults, some of whom may actually pose as teenagers, may want --
through online contact -- to meet a child for sexual purposes.
<P>Use of the Internet to entice, invite, or persuade a child to
meet for sexual acts, or to help arrange such a meeting, is a
serious offense.</P></TD>
<TD vAlign=top>
<CENTER><A target=_top
href=" https://web.cybertip.org/cyberTipII.html"><IMG height=57
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name=Child></A><B><FONT color=#ff0000>Child Prostitution</FONT></B>
<DIV align=right>
<TABLE height="100%" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=5 width="90%" border=0>
<TD bgColor=#ffffff>Many children are sexually exploited by adults
who encourage or force them to prostitute themselves.
<P>Some of these adults are "pimps" who demand that the children
give their earnings to them.
<P>Some may play other roles in aiding the child to provide sex for
money, including transporting the child from one state to another
with the intention that the child work as a prostitute. These are
all serious crimes.</P></TD>
<TD vAlign=top>
<CENTER><A target=_top
href=" https://web.cybertip.org/cyberTipII.html"><IMG height=57
src="CyberTipline_files/staticexploitation.jpg" width=90 border=0
name=Child-Sex></A><B><FONT color=#ff0000>Child-Sex
<DIV align=right>
<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=5 width="90%" border=0>
<TD bgColor=#ffffff>Sex tourism or, more specifically, traveling to
a foreign country in search of sex, has become a well-developed
component of the commercial-sexual exploitation of children.
<P>Glossy brochures as well as web sites on the Internet advertise
packages for travelers complete with air fare, hotel, and directions
to local brothels.
<P>The sex-tourism industry is most prevalent in Asia, where
approximately 1 million children are prostitutes. This
epidemic, however, is spreading to other poverty-ridden areas
of the world such as Latin America and Eastern Europe.
<P>A heightened awareness of this heinous violation of children&#8217;s
rights will help curb this growing problem.</P></TD>
<TD vAlign=top>
<CENTER><A target=_top
href=" https://web.cybertip.org/cyberTipII.html"><IMG height=57
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name="Child Sexual Molestation (not in the"></A><B><FONT
color=#ff0000>Child Sexual Molestation (not in the
<DIV align=right>
<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=5 width="90%" border=0>
<TD bgColor=#ffffff>Child sexual exploitation (not in the family),
also known as extra-familial child sexual abuse, includes all sexual
exploitation of a child by someone other than a family member.
<P>These cases most frequently occur when a child is in the care of
someone they know and trust such as a neighbor, care provider,
or friend&#8217;s parent.</P></TD>
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Sexual Exploitation, please visit NCMEC's Exploited Child Unit web
pages.</FONT></FONT> <BR><A target=NCMEC_Default
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Child Unit</A> <BR><FONT color=#8080ff><A target=NCMEC_Default
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Sexual Exploitation</A></FONT> <BR><FONT color=#8080ff><A
href=" http://www.missingkids.com/html/ncmec_default_ec_internet.html">Internet
Related Child Exploitation</A></FONT> <BR><FONT color=#8080ff><A
href=" http://www.missingkids.com/html/ncmec_default_ec_chldporn.htm">Child
Pornography</A></FONT> <BR><FONT color=#8080ff><A target=NCMEC_Default
href=" http://www.missingkids.com/html/ncmec_default_ec_prost.html">Child
Prostitution</A></FONT> <BR><FONT color=#8080ff><A target=NCMEC_Default
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Tourism</A></FONT> <BR><FONT color=#8080ff><A target=NCMEC_Default
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for Law Enforcement</A></FONT>
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