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Breaking the Empire: A Case for Nevada Secession

Imperialism is expensive. If a number of US states were to secede, America's imperialist adventure would suddenly be cash strapped. The following is written to environmental, Libertarian Party, populist, pro-marijuana, and log cabin republicans in Nevada. Anarchists should also support secession in their states (as a short term goal), to remove a major barrier to 3rd world revolution.
In 1787 the founding fathers of the Constitution wrote in the preamble: to "establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves".(1) While the words remain the same to this day, the values they signify have largely been forgotten by Washington politicians and their appointed experts. Perhaps no other state more closely resembles one of the 13 British colonies than the State of Nevada today.

(click the web address for the full text... Its about 2 pages full of dirt on the Bush family)

homepage: homepage: http://angelfire.com/nv2/secession/index.html

what U think the patriot act is good for ? 22.Jul.2002 11:37

the non-missing link

It is obvious, that in many states libertarians, nationalists and milizia-freaks are gathering aroud the same flag, that has an individual meaning for each of them.

But what kind of announcement can they put out ?
Re-claim your country - by what means and ends ?
Can we picture an army marching to the White House and then to the Pentagon to enforce the values of the Constitution against these sinister guys holding ultimate power in their hands ?
Can we think of an emergence of any independent Nevada, followed by some other states ?

I have no clue what kinds of fight and struggle might be of any success in such an effort. Contrary, those well-meaning Constitutionalists seem not aware of one crucial circumstance: weapons have significantly changed since the times of old Secession. Am I too demanding when I ask them to go to the Internet Cafe and browse for "riot control", "security weapons technology", "Inner Defense" plus Seattle and Genua, and some classic weapons details ?
Not talking about the winner, I'd like to remind the warheads on Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Vietnam. How is life there after loads of all kinds of bombs, shells and polluting radioactive materials have been spread ?

The whole anti-terrorist arsenal is implemented exactly to render any inner-American separatism futile. While it sounds an interesting idea, the secession of a state would bear an option of military reaction. There might be less than a limit on destruction against the Evil that lurks inside, as soon as it is declared by the White House.

What can be done, is to strongly oppose all these big-brother campagnes, like TRIPS and the Patriot Act, and then raise campagne funding for politicians who really remember what their country stands for. Also the corporate influence can be broken, when customers become aware of the laws of the market and the trespassers of these. (especially the media and energy or telecom services, and car industry)
Most important is the law by itself and an independence of Justice. To keep the required level of sovereignty, the states must be able to win law suits about these issues.
So the education of Judges is important and the privatization of law universities is not a good situation when the rights of international corporations under the shield of federal government are threatening rights of citizens and their local communities.

The states can join their efforts to get as much independence as possible, in public services, environmental laws, real estate (e.g. unwanted acquisition of agricultural land by corporations), but need to make plans for the longer future, not foster shortsighted populism and hyperactive financial market movements.

Also I am really daring to consider asking about foreign politics vs. States. In Europe, citizens are interested in this, and cities, districts and communities have "brotherships" with foreign communities. By this, there is an exchange of understanding, informations and plannings.
When American multis can influence world economics and politics, and deadly "blow-back" happens when some foreign nations or organisations hate the results of this, why should citizens, districts and states that have plants of these multis, not try to get involved in these highly critical issues ?
When the federal government and the CIA act totally ruthless against people in other countries, is it morally just that state politicians and local people close their eyes ? How is the Constitutional process like, that should ensure correct foreign politics ? Should this be left over to the military-industrial complex for all time ?