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BD Backfirings

Bush Daddy Backfirings: More stupidity for them to cover up.
My Daddy said that the addenda to "Bush Daddy Communications" (190292) left New Englanders trying to prove if Bush Daddy and kid did indeed manage to obtain a fourth grade education after 20 years of schooling. Plus it left people trying to determine what happened to Captain Randy Hausner of the Cornell Police. Did they "rub out" Joe Linder and Janet Breslin (98219 & 93606) because they saw the assaulted and battered Captain being led from the McGraw Tower entrance to Uris Library? Or was it just another "body"? Here I was thinking that Joe and Janet were "hot on the trail of the WTC instigators (66464). Meanwhile at Stewart Park, people have been observed taking the dying fish and putting them on ice. You can be sure that they will take a fishing pole when they go asking their "friends" if they would like a piece of fish.

All of this news on Bush Daddy Tribe portrays how BDT's stupidity backfires on them, then they go on to do stupider things. BDT is like a dog returning to its vomit (Prov. 26:11). All over this earth we find people playing stupid to preserve their life and/or intelligence from BDT (Amos 6:1). They are not doing anybody a favor by supporting the professed intelligence of stupid people, for this usually caters to the stupidity that seems to "blossom" in members of every household (Mic. 7:5). Why would BDT bother to send someone after you if you already have a wife who BDT can dupe into feeding you poop (70672)? Meanwhile Bush Daddy claims that "Gad" has tried to kill members of BDT and only wounded them (189161); thus perhaps BDT really is destined to seek death and not find it (Jer. 8:3). In an apparent attempt to keep this evil producing more evil, Bush Daddy claims that he tells BDT that they can keep it up until somebody tells them not to. The solution is the same as that for BDT daring people to take them to court, they will probably be killed for inadvertantly bragging about their crimes (Eccl. 10:12). It remains to be seen if killing is the best way to tell somebody not to do something.

As for more news on the local level, I advise pedestrians to look both ways, up, down, and behind you! It turns out that the local man that they ran down in a crosswalk in January was my friend, "Pete"; and By God! I pay back my friends! I found "Pete" laid up with what looked like a ganglionic mass from a dual break in his lower leg, and I immediately asked if he had thought about having it cut off. I further explained that his "sitting on his ass and expecting it to get better" was willingly assuming the role of "Peg-leg Pete, recent addition to the geriatric ward, courtesy of the Niggardly Asinine Zionist Idiots of Ithaca". I wonder how many idiots it takes to convince someone not to try to heal a broken bone. The point that I wish to make is that the "army of 200,000,000, that is the automobile" (Rev. 9:16,19)is really "out to kill, using the head to inflict injury". For "saving my friend, "Pete"", whose leg immediately shaped up, they tried to run me down in Pyramid Mall parking lot (30mph!). Pyramid has become one big "traffic hazard" lately, for Ithaca has always been known for establishing commercial sites that are inaccessible to pedestrians; plus haphazardous traffic lights are not uncommon here. The 30 mph hit-and-run is no joke, for low-riding cars seem to be the preferred weapon, and the crippled victim rolls off the hood while the car never slows down. The bicyclists aren't much better off. "Look! This one has a helmet! We're gonna have to cut it off!" The Niggardly Asinine Zionist Idiots have convinced everyone to shun the juvenile oaks that I am trying to give away; plus Broome County Co-op Extension told my brother that it was ragweed. They probably recruit people like him to go kill oaks under the pretense of battling hay fever. The bottom line is that you could make a million bucks trying to sell "Bob's Plants" (183807). Can you imagine what they would pay to see what these locals would do to "Bob's Plants"? Imagine selling "Bob's Plants" via self-service in an isolated room, rigged with video monitors, flashing lights, and search lights. "This is the management! Come out with your hands up!". If all else fails, broadcasting these seeds everywhere, particularly in the Susquehanna River Valley (187927), should help bring the oak back. Meanwhile at my house, employees of student agencies have moved in, then gone on vacation to leave Bush Daddy Tribe quadrupling the water consumption as they spend the night burning PCBs, which are being forced into my apartment via the overhead oven fan that is ventilated into the wall between apartments. As I should have mentioned, I was forced to sign a lease for August in February. I contend that the lease gives "police powers" to my alleged new landlord, and they contend that it is legal because they have been using it for ten years (128276 & 171618). Rather than check if a rental property agency has to have a licensed real estate member, I am seeking to determine if "Elayne Zorn" really owns my house as the lease says she does. If she does, I want her to know that this property now has six spruce trees restored in the prime of their lives along with three Mugos, and a brand new grass driveway that is recovering from the 11th assault on it. Since these trees are now worth far more than the house, they might want to give the place to a reliable manager in order to stop the real estate sham of intentionally devaluing properties so they can be "bought for a song". I cannot contact anyone because I cannot have an E-mail address. Let them know that if they are using people's names to conceal ownership of properties, they can lose the place, and the property can be transferred to a landlord that cares. When BDT's stupidity backfires on them, beware! They will come back with something that is even stupider.

PS: I want to remind everyone here that if you pursue a legal remedy or inquest into the lawlessness, you become prey (Is. 59:15). Keep in mind that all pertinent persons have more or less embraced the lawlessness by listening to mouthy morons or the criminals themselves. One should also consider that the "Serpent" that is BDT has a long reach that encircles the globe (132033).

Pres. Hunter Rawlings's abrupt announcement of his resignation as the President of Cornell University leaves me wondering if he has been the unheralded leader of the Niggardly Asinine Zionist Idiots that infest this town. I never heard from him after I wrote to him about my abduction at Cornell (118297 & 124412); plus I have observed him walking the mall in a way that is akin to Bush Daddy parading around campus like a gigolo (101974). There seems to be no way that campus could become so lawless and full of communication glitches without his knowledge; plus I suspect that I saw DC papers, picturing him marching with the "Brownshirts" in DC (174299).

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Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Israel" Deaf Messenger

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