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Rusty is a homosexual

This is a story that badly needs to be told. It's about a nine-year-old boy desperately seeking love from someone of the same gender. See how he copes with thoughs of suicide and how his family finally come to terms with his homosexuality.
The is the link to the the story "Rusty is a Homosexual." It's a story that badly needs to be told.


homepage: homepage: http://www.ling.upenn.edu/~kurisuto/rusty/rusty.html
address: address: http://www.ling.upenn.edu/~kurisuto/rusty/rusty.html

Phew 16.Jul.2002 21:44

Holy Cow

Very nice!

yeah but the real story is... 17.Jul.2002 11:50

Boy Wonder

Dennis just wants to put this out here to try and prove his little boy loving fantasies are not wrong but rather what the boy wants. Don't you understand that just because a child wants something doesn't make it okay for the child to have, are you going to form the children getting heroin club next? Adults having sex with a child causes the child to grow up and have massive issues surrounding sex. I'm only guessing that is why you want to have sex with young boys.

'Boy Wonder' is an idiot 15.Aug.2004 10:42


quoting the bottom of the Rusty page..

P.P.P.S. In case you need to have it spelled out, the story is satire, and Rusty is the personification of the little boy inside every grown gay man. I am not advocating pedophilia, already. Geez. (Thanks to the 99% of you who found it funny!)