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Attn. Microsoft Users: Big Brother is Watching You

What many people do not realize is that Palladium is only the next step in Microsoft's ongoing efforts to eavesdrop on and control everyone's computers. Right now, as you read this, if you have a Windows machine and you are using Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, Windows is creating secret hidden files on your computer that record this, and every other web address (URL) you have visited and every E-mail you have written or received!
With news of Microsoft's Palladium coming to light, many people are extremely concerned about the efforts of big corporations to dominate and control the internet. Indeed, Palladium, if fully implemented, will be the end of the free exchange of information on the internet as we have come to know it.

What many people do not realize is that Palladium is only the next step in Microsoft's ongoing efforts to eavesdrop on and control everyone's computers. Right now, as you read this, if you have a Windows machine and you are using Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, Windows is creating secret hidden files on your computer that record this, and every other web address (URL) you have visited and every E-mail you have written or received!

If you think deleting the history gets rid of all the URL's you have visited, you are wrong. If you think deleting mail from the inbox, and then from the trash has permanently deleted the files from the hard drive, think again. All this information, and more is kept in files that Microsoft has purposefully hidden - And No, enabling Windows Explorer to "show all files" does not show the files in mention. No, DOS does not list the files after receiving a proper directory listing from root. And yes, Microsoft intentionally disabled the "Find" utility from searching through one of the folders.

Read the full article for more information on hidden files, and how they can be deleted. For a permanent solution, switch browsers, applications and operating systems as alternatives to Microsoft. You are freeing yourself from the spying eyes of Microsoft, and supporting viable existing alternatives to corporate domination.

[ Fuck Microsoft.com Website | Free Geek Website | GNU Website ]

What about Netscape? 16.Jul.2002 20:11


Are the sites you access through the location bar in Netscape being recorded by Microsoft?

Mozilla 17.Jul.2002 04:27


If you mean Mozilla (spiritual offspring of navigator 5 IIRC) then of course not, unless they've set up some spy-code in their TCP/IP stack or something. (sorry for the geek speak, I mean the low level networking code of the OS). Older versions of netscape, same thing.

A browser that is not often mentionned here also, is opera (opera.no I think). Though it's closed source..

This is largely FUD... 17.Jul.2002 04:57


OK, we've got a wierd conflation of one very important issue (Palladium) with a lot of FUD about a relatively trivial one (IE browser history et al).

All that "microsoft is wathcing your every move" jazz is pure FUD. Yes, clearing your browser history does NOT remove all traces of activity - there's still your cache, your ISP's logs, your proxy server's cache etc... The linked article deliberatly confuses the browsing history with the cache in order to make it's blatantly stupid claims. The "secret" folders refered to are NOT secret - for example "Tempor~1" is perfectly visible in either DOS or windows, one you realise that it's the DOS short-named translation of the folder name "Temporary Internet Files".

The simple fact of the matter is that the vast majority of your browsing habits are of absolutely NO interest to ANYONE.

Now Palladium, on the other hand, is a very serious and worrying development, particulalry in the light of Sen. Hollings repeated attempts to mandate such a system in Federal law. THIS is the issue to watch.

another disturbing issue 17.Jul.2002 12:17


Just got this "disclosure" in the mail from AT&T broadband cable service...They go through the disclosure rules, about how all the info contained in the "business records" is going to be made available to AT&T "business entities", employees, contractors, agents, etc, in order to "install, market, provide and audit service on each occasion that access to that information is needed. We may also occasionally release the subscriber list of a particular cable system to consumer and market research organizations for the purpose of determining the reaction of our subscribers to advertising and programming choices..." etc...

"Such disclosure may include, without limitation, information on the choices that you make along the range of services offered, including the programs and websites you view or services you order on the cable system or on the Internet, the time that you actually use the services or view the programs and web sites, and other information about your 'electronic browsing'"

THEN, they even talk about the PATRIOT ACT in this pamphlet broadband users received recently... in very small type...

"Under the recently enacted USA PATRIOT Act of 2001 (the "Act"), a governmental entity may require us to disclose certain information concerning your subscriber account for cable television and cable Internet service(s) without advance notice to you. Upon receipt of a Federal or State administrative, grand jury or trial subpoena, or otherwise as set forth in the Act, we are required to disclose to the government the following subscriber records: your name and address; records of your Internet sessions (including session times and duration), how long you have subscribed to our service(s) (including start date) and the types(s) of service(s) utilized; your telephone number or other subscriber account identifying number(s), including any Internet or network address(es) assigned to you by our network; and the means and source of your payment(s) (including any credit card or bank account number). In addition, upon receipt of a Federal or State search warrant or court order, we are required to disclose to law enforcement agencies the content of and other records relating to electronic mail messages (including attachments to electronic mail messages and records relating to your electronic mail and Internet use) without advance notice to you.

Additionally, law enforcement agencies may, by Federal or State court order, and without notice to you, obtain the right to install a device that monitors the addressing and routing of your Internet and electronic mail use, but not the contents of your electronic mail.

The Act also allows us to voluntarily disclose certain information to law enforcement agencies in circumstances of immediate danger. If we reasonably believe that an emergency involving immediate danger or death or serious physical injury to any person requires disclosure of the information without delay, where permitted by law, we may voluntarily disclose to law enforcement agencies, without advance notice to you, the contents of your cable Internet subscriber communications.

The Act, under certain conditions, also allows the government, at our request, to intercept the communications of a computer trespasser, without obtaining a court order or a search warrant. Finally, we may also disclose to law enforcement agencies the contents of Internet subscriber communications that were inadvertently obrained and appear to pertain to the commission of crime. These new procedures set forth in the act do not apply to records revealing your selection of video programming. As before, a governmnetal entity may obrain records revealing your selection of video programming by court order only if it offers clear and convincing evidence that such records are material to a criminal case and if you are given the opportunity to appear and contest the evidence."

I know this is all something we suspected was happening, but it was still a shock to read through this last night, and I wanted to share the info with everyone..

And also I want to encourage everyone to go to the GNU website, install pgp or gpg or whatever and start encrypting EVERYTHING, and operating only in Linux, to provide a firewall between your internet communications and your hard drive... At least I THINK this is what using Linux operating systems achieves...

Let's make it as hard as possible to intercept and decode and use our communications against us in whatever way they decide to fabricate.

yeah, its BS 17.Jul.2002 16:50


i agree with "This is largely FUD..." - that's a BS article. all those files are viewable by opening Windows Explorer, going to Tools/Folder Options/View/Advanced Options/Hidden Files and Folders/Show Hidden Files and Folders

there are scarier things happening in this country than Microsoft storing your browswer history in cache. it's a well-used (read over-used) joke around my office (we do web development) that there is no privacy on the internet...and it's true. every website you visit can gather at least a small amount of information about your computer - i'm sure IndyMedia does it too. Linux, Apple, PC - doesn't matter - they all have the capability...the only difference between them is that Microsoft just makes it known that they are snooping, which in turn makes it easy for hacks like the Fuck Microsoft.com geek to bash them. sigh. find something more important to focus on, please.

aye, looks bogus 16.Aug.2002 15:31


hey dragon...
greetings from dc.
this article does sound like it's bogus... based on what they are saying, it's making m$ out to be much worse than it is... your temp files and settings (cookies, etc) should be able to be manually purged...
there are some issues with microsoft products... well, many issues... and plenty of reasons not to use them...
but unfortunately, this does not look like a valid one...