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$hrub & Co. on counter-offensive

Terrorism within U.S. borders

full text of article with my opinions followed by ">"s

Politics: Bush releases homeland security

By CURT ANDERSON, Associated Press

WASHINGTON (July 16, 2002 10:32
a.m. EDT) - President Bush submitted
to Congress on Tuesday the nation's
first-ever comprehensive strategy for
confronting terrorism within U.S.
borders, calling the protection of
America "our most urgent national

> "Urgent national priority" is defined by Bu$h as news from corporately-owned and operated newspapers with senior editors deferring to right-wing/neoliberal extremist stockholders' decisions that decide what gets published in their monopoly media. The "priority" only benefits the illegitimate Administration and their benefactors. The real news should be impeachment preparations for the Thief-In-Chief and will soon. Viva la Internet revolution!

"This comprehensive plan lays out
clear lines of authority and clear
responsibilities - responsibilities for
federal employees and for governors
and mayors and community and
business leaders and the American
citizens," Bush said, flanked in the
Rose Garden by lawmakers on the
House Select Committee on Homeland Security. Members of Congress are
debating this week the president's plan for a new Department of Homeland

"With a better picture of those reponsibilities, all of us can direct money
and manpower to meet them," Bush said.

The 90-page White House document, released in softcover book format,
envisions changes in state and federal laws, including increasing the
military's ability to operate within the United States, and it outlines dozens
of long-range initiatives to improve homeland security.

> "Ability to operate" a.k.a. "counter-insurgency" or domestic counter-terrorism. Another tactic to weaken the CLEAR LINES OF AUTHORITY in state and local laws and elevate eavesdropping and arresting of U.S. and non-U.S. citizens without due process of law.

Key to the president's overall strategy is creation of a new Cabinet-level
department to implement the plan.

"The current structure of our government is a patchwork - to put it best -
of overlapping responsibilities, and it really does hinder our ability to protect
the homeland," the president said.

> Overlap means checks and balances, something a certain unaccountable branch of your federal government does not want now. While $hrub & Co. call it a hinderance, we the People of the United States like to call it a clearly defined but SEPARATE judicial, legislative and executive cluster of systems with powers that now more than ever must prove their accountability at federal, state and local posts. For the most part America is transparently delineated and charted as an open system but if the shrub has his way things will shift toward a closed system in a democracy. This is a BAD IDEA and compromises national security.

For example, the strategy suggests that states adopt similar minimum
standards for getting a driver's license to guard against ease of access by
terrorists and that states make terrorism insurance more readily available to
businesses and property owners.

> Could these be the "minimum standards" that include the "National ID System" with help from the Oracle Corporation? Why, no thank you Mr. Bush, Mr. Tenet and Mr. Ellison, I don't want my privacy (MY PERSONAL PROPERTY) stolen from me.

On the federal level, it says extradition agreements with other nations
should be expanded, that the federal government should get greater
authority to call out the National Guard and that the president should have
greater power to transfer money appropriated by Congress to deal with
terrorist threats inside U.S. borders.

> Gee, did the "president" lie to us? Did his Cabinet or advisers and him actually know about Sept 11, before Sept 11? YES! Gee, do you think when the confirmed-in-triplicate, verified-every-which-way foreknowledge ACTUALLY FINALLY gets out in mainstream press people are going to be mad? Yes people will be angry, fires will burn tables will turn but peace will prevail so just chill out and continue with those impeachment proceedings, bubba.

Also on Tuesday, the White House dispatched a cadre of Cabinet
secretaries to lobby Congress as the House select committee was hearing
from Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson, Agriculture
Secretary Ann Veneman, Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta and
Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham.

The panel will assemble legislation to create the new Homeland Security
agency out of recommendations made by other House committees, many of
which conflict with Bush's own proposals. The administration is urging
lawmakers to stick with Bush's blueprint.

"This is a national strategy, not a federal strategy," Bush wrote in a letter
to the nation accompanying the release of his strategy, which he described
as the product of eight months of consultation with thousands of people,
including politicians, civil servants, and victims and their families.

> Oh you mean the "national strategy" that's completely centralized in scope and execution, has no accountability and yields only to the chauvinistic unilateralism dictated to us by the Thief-In-Chief? No try again. Let's talk about serious *electronic* Homeland Security people, like integrating Open Source into federal and state governments.

Tom Ridge, Bush's homeland security chief, on Tuesday called the White
House strategy document "a roadmap designed to take advantage of the
universe of assets we have in this country, in order to protect ourselves
and our country."

Asked if he were interested in becoming secretary of the new Department
of Homeland Security, Ridge demurred, telling NBC's "Today" show "there
are expectations that the president has of me right now," to guide
anti-terrorism strategy from the White House.

Many lawmakers, especially Democrats, had criticized Bush for proposing a
new department before a strategy for dealing with domestic terrorism was

The strategy, the first of its kind in U.S. history, says its goals are to
prevent terrorism, reduce vulnerability to attacks and minimize damage from
any that do occur. It leaves little doubt that groups such as al-Qaida are
all but certain to strike again.

"Our society presents an almost infinite array of potential targets that can
be attacked through a variety of methods," a summary of the strategy
says. "We must be prepared to adapt as our enemies in the war on
terrorism alter their means of attack."

In addition to the new Cabinet-level agency, the strategy recommends
several key initiatives, such as securing international shipping containers,
augmenting vaccine stockpiles, enhancing the FBI's analytical capabilities,
improving cooperation among different levels of federal, state and local
governments and upgrading computer security.

> Oh you mean tagging international shipping then panicing over some conflict then trying to mandate only a small group of shipping businesses may oversee all imports and exports to U.S. waters? Quite hypothetical on my part but a monopoly at high seas might be in the works. Why that sounds like just what Daddy Warbucks would want.
> Vaccine stockpiles? Um U.S. you still have a domestic anthrax issue to deal with. Please arrest and prosecute the individual(s) at Fort Detrick, Maryland responsible for releasing anthrax spores through the mail first. Yes, *sigh* the FBI lied to us. After the rejection and denial is gone TALK about the wisdom and relevancy of vaccine stockpiles and what breeds paranoia in light of LACK OF ACCESS TO REAL INFORMATION BY NON-MONOPOLIZED MEDIA, but peace will still prevail.
> "Improving cooperation" or eroding the separation of federal, state and local branches of government? Has anyone heard of those inter-agency task forces? Let's see instead of getting busted for running a huge meth lab that hurts people I get busted fed-style for exercising my freedom of speech and practicing non-violent civil disobedience which hurts no one? Um, check please and KICK OUT THAT $HRUB!

Ridge urged lawmakers to revisit numerous changes made to Bush's plan for
a new department. They include keeping the Federal Emergency
Management Agency independent to deal with natural disasters and
retaining the Coast Guard in the Transportation Department amid concern
that a move would reduce emphasis on such duties as marine
search-and-rescue and maintaining fisheries.

Ridge also took issue with a decision by the House Appropriations
Committee to reject Bush's proposal to permit the new department's
secretary to transfer up to 5 percent of each year's budget within
programs without consulting Congress. Ridge said that power would help
negate predicted transition costs of $3 billion and is critical to permit quick
response to emerging or unforeseen terrorist threats.

> The only "quick response" will be the disappearance or misallocation of funds if this unaccountable practice of budgeting is allowed.

Lawmakers jealously guard their constitutional power of the purse,
however. House Majority Leader Dick Armey, the panel's chairman, said it
was unlikely Congress would grant Bush's request for broad transfer

just go away bush/cheney
ALSO thanx to Portlander for link to fulltext of $hrub's HS "plan":  http://www.whitehouse.gov/homeland/book/nat_strat_hls.pdf
peace out, -nick w.

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