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resident Bush today released the first National Strategy for Homeland Security.

Quoting from www.whitehouse.gov:

"...resident Bush today released the first National Strategy for Homeland Security. The purpose of the Strategy is to mobilize and organize our Nation to secure the U.S. homeland from terrorist attacks. "
Check out the PDF it is 90 pages long and it basically is outlining everything that we've been worried the administration will do. This may be it. There's no turning back.

This document needs to be read and understood. We need to be able to articulate WHY this is wrong and what everyday people who are scared can do about it.


homepage: homepage: http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2002/07/20020716-2.html

we're fucked 16.Jul.2002 16:56


Reading this document (okay, admittedly I didn't get very far) I started to wish that there WERE actually a terrorist threat - that would be a lot less scary in my opinion. This document is basically a blueprint for a fascist state.

The Problem is the Solution 16.Jul.2002 17:37


This is really scarry.

But, just like the "Shadow Government" it is something that has been happening all along. They have just unveiled it so that we freak out and retreat into our shells. Rather than letting the activist community become scared by it, the document is fucked up enough to be a clear demonstration to the general public that the administration has gone WAY too far.

Remember: "The Problem is the Solution"

This thing needs to be outlined and made general knowledge.