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Audio of Greg Palast Presentation in June

The second half of the June 18th presentation by Greg Palast at the First Unitarian Church in Portand Oregon. Audio file approximately 40 minutes.
Greg Palast, investigative reporter for the BBC, and recently relocated to the United States, digs around in the Bush administrations closet, and brings some alarming information to light. He reports on Bush ties to billionaires and their connection to human rights abuses and fraud.
Also, he speaks about the Enron and energy deregulation. Entertaining, informative and fast moving presentation. The link will take you to a page where audio files, Parts 1 and 2, are available.

homepage: homepage: http://philosopherseed.org/audio.htm

Thank you !! 16.Jul.2002 10:18


Thanks for posting this, Jim. Greg's knowledge and perspective on many topics remain relevant.