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White Supremacist Group Goes Underground

Local Portland Supremacist group goes underground ending public recruitment and organizing.
Local White Supremacist group the Volksfront claimed this weekend that they were ending public recruitment and organizing. Following the Nazi rockfest in Yelm, Washington two weeks ago, the Volksfront listed on their website that they are now a closed organization.
The Volksfront has been in existence since 1994, when the group made their debut in Oregon State Penitentiary. In 1995 the group hit the streets of Portland, Salem and Eugene. Though the group itself has not been responsible for criminal acts, its individual members have. The most notable being the 1996 cross burning done by Troy Allen Harlow in Gresham, Oregon.
Local citizens groups are concerned as the Volksfront has now pulled its public display leaving their activities to the knowledge of their members only. Their webpage leaving a PO box in Portland to write to and a link to the organization Sigrdrifia is almost bare. The mention of Eastside Portland stirring up the memory of the violent East Side White Pride group that terrorized the streets of Portland in the late 1980's.
Silence can be especially terrifying in dealing with such cult like groups. At least when they are vocal you have some idea of what a group is up to. Now most groups monitoring the Volksfront have little to track or remark on.
The Oregon Spotlight, a group formed in the mid 1990's to track Neo Nazi groups refused to give comment on this new development. Steven Stroud, the co-director of the Oregon Spotlight said simply, "They have done nothing wrong at this point, maybe they are tired of living in a fish bowl, who knows." The ADL refused to comment as well.
One thing is for sure. The Volksfront has not disapeared. Anyone with any information is urged to contact the civil rights group of their choice. Silence does not end the problem, it just ups the ante.

homepage: homepage: http://www.volksfront.org

A question 16.Jul.2002 12:32

Robin Canaday robincanaday@hotmail.com

Is cross burning a crime? I suppose it is if the cross doesn't belong to you...

our address 16.Jul.2002 15:54


our site address is volksfront.com, not .org