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Southern Oregon Wire


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Compiled from the Media Collective Wire at Southern Oregon University
Southern Oregon Wire
Southern Oregon Wire
Southern Oregon Wire
7/16/02...compiled by Andy Rice


Roadless Vote Delayed - Amendment Being Questioned by Western Democrats

The Interior Appropriations bill is now likely to come up on Wednesday. Due to concerns about the fire issue, a number of Western Democrats have asked that the roadless amendment to be offered Reps. Jay Inslee (D-WA) and Christopher Shays (R-CT) be dropped. This would open the door for the Forest Service to complete nearly fifty new logging plans in roadless areas. While the facts clearly indicate that the roadless rule allows fire management and roadless areas are not a priority for treatment, the perception with some offices is that the fire issue is "too hot" for roadless conservation to be considered.

We urge members of Congress to resist the hysteria and stand up for both responsible fire management and for the American people who want roadless areas protected. In addition to your own Representative, please contact the following offices

Representative Phone Fax

Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA) 202/225-3311 225-4335
Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR) 202/225-6416 225-0032
Rep. Brian Baird (D-WA) 202/225-3536 225-3478
Minority Leader Dick Gephardt (D-MO) 202/225-0100 226-0938

Please urge them to:

1. Support the Roadless Area Conservation Amendment which allows for fire management, and

2. Support protecting homes and communities from fire by directing fire funding to the Wildland/Urban Interface and away from roadless areas which are not a priority for fuel reduction treatments.

More Info on Roadless Issues:



Rough and Ready Creek needs your help now.

Please go to  http://www.siskiyourivers.org/ to send free faxes to help protect this incredible area and the entire Siskiyou Wild Rivers area.

And please make 2 phone calls today.

Senator Wyden 541-858-5122 (Medford) or 503-326-7525 (PDX) & Rep. Peter DeFazio 1-800-944-9603

Ask them to permanently protect the Rough & Ready Creek watershed as Wilderness.

More Info on Rough & Ready Creek:




Thursday, July 18: Pacific Green Party candidate Dale Matthews, running for Oregon House District 3, will be featured on Jeff Golden's show, The Jefferson Exchange.

The interview will air live at 9:00 am with an opportunity to call in, and by tape delay at 9:00 pm that same evening.

The program will be broadcast on KSJK AM 1230 in Jackson County, KAGI AM 930 in Josephine County, KTBR AM 950 in Roseburg (Douglas County), and KRVM AM 1280 in Eugene.

Streaming audio (internet) is also available to enabled browsers at www.jeffnet.org/exchange.

The show will focus on the Pacific Green Party and Dale Matthews' candidacy.

Dale's district is in Josephine County, and he is running against Republican Gordon Anderson. There is no Democratic contender in this race, and the Democratic Party has endorsed Dale's candidacy. Currently, Dale is the only Green in a partisan race in the state, and were he to be elected, he would be working for all of Southern Oregon's Green and progressive interests, not just Josephine County's; hence he needs support from all of us.

Dale's campaign manager and also member of the state PGP coordinating committee, Jon Wacker, will also be on the show. Dale and Jon hope to cover the successes of the PGP-sponsored ballot initiatives; a little party history; the joys of political campaigning; challenges facing the state and party; and what the Greens hope to accomplish with Dale's campaign.

This is your chance to call in also with your questions and comments!! For more information on Dale's campaign, the website is up and running: www.dale2002.com
snail mail: Dale Matthews for State Rep
P.O. Box 1114, Grants Pass, OR 97528
(541) 472-1114

Volunteers and contributions are needed--check out the website, or send checks to Dale Matthews for State Rep; Dale's campaign is adhering to the limits as proposed under the Money Is Not Democracy campaign finance reform initiative, $200 max (and no corporate donors allowed!).

Dale will also be featured at a special elections meeting in Jackson County, place and time TBA, later this month.


For more info, contact  irenes@mind.net, 488-6447.


JOIN US FOR THE Environmental Film Series

Friday July 19th, 2002

8 PM Unitarian Center

87 4th Street, Ashland

The Cost of Freedom

Documents one wolf pack's perilous existence and captures conflict of controlling wild, predatory animals in pockets of wilderness confined by human settlement and livestock.

A nameless wolf once roamed British Columbia. One day in 1995, she was darted from a helicopter, caged and checked through customs as part of the Gray Wolf Recovery Plan. At which point, for better or worse, she became an American wolf and scoured the West's 10,000 foot mountain ranges for two years with a majestic wolf dubbed as "The Old Man".

Produced by Vanessa Schulz of 21st Paradigm. 35 minutes.

Grand Canyon Wilderness

Documents the epic journey through the Grand Canyon in a wooden dory by 80 year-old Martin Litton- rafter, naturalist, and environmental hero- and singer Carol King. It also shows the effect of Glen Canyon dam on the ecosystem of the Colorado River.

Produced by Lili Schad for Outdoor life Network. 30 minutes.


Sponsored by:

Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center
Siskiyou Regional Education Project PO Box 102
9335 Takilma Road Ashland, OR 97520
Cave Junction, OR 541-488-5789
541-592-4459  liz@kswild.org


Dear Brothers, Sisters, Activists, and Friends,

We have a wonderful opportunity in front of us.

Replacing Rick Holt and Jack Walker with Dr. David Gilmour and John Hallett are postive steps forward for labor, for the environment, for human rights, and for our many communities here in Jackson County.

Calling ALL Interested Parties...


WHAT: PRECINCT WALK AND FUNDRAISER with John Hallett and David Gilmour.

WHEN: Saturday, July 27, 9:30 a.m. to noon walk, picnic 1:30 to 4 p.m.

WHERE: Meet at SEIU 503 Office, 928 E. Jackson St., Medford. Following the Precinct Walk we are having a Fundraiser Picnic for David Gilmour from 1:30 to 4 at 900 La Loma Drive in Medford.

All are welcome to this 'Union Style Barbecue' to promote the building of a populist movement for ordinairy working people here in Southern Oregon. And working together to replace two Jackson County Commissioners is one heck of a good way to make such happen! A $10. donation is suggested for the fundraiser/picnic event. No supporters turned away for lack of funds.

SIGN UP TODAY FOR THE PRECINCT WALK & PICNIC. Please call and let us know you are coming. Call the SEIU 503 office and talk/or leave a message with Faye Miller at 779-4324--extension 2. In unity, Wes Brain member/activist SEIU 503, Oregon Public Employees Union





Join naturalist Evan Frost of Wildwood Consulting on a moderate Saturday, July 20, hike in the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument along the northern boundary of the Soda Mountain Wilderness proposal.

No matter how hot it is in the valley, this ridgetop route will be the coolest place to be in the Monument. First you'll check out Boccard Point in the Soda Mountain Wilderness Study area, then you'll hike one-way on the Pacific Crest Trail from just beyond the Bean Cabin site to Pilot Rock.

Shuttle is provided. Hike and shuttle are free and sponsored by the Soda Mountain Wilderness Council. Bring lunch, plenty of water, hiking boots or very sturdy shoes, appropriate clothing, and sun/rain protection.

This hike meets in Ashland at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, July 20. Call hike leader Evan Frost at 552-9876 ( evan@siskiyou.org) to reserve your place and find out where to meet.

Dave Willis, Soda Mountain Wilderness Council 15187 Greensprings Highway Ashland, OR 97520 541-482-8660 office 541-482-0526 home 541-944-2247 cell 541-482-2036 fax  sodamtn@mind.net

Barry Snitkin Local Outreach Coordinator Siskiyou Project

9335 Takilma Rd. Cave Junction, Or. 97523 541-592-4459 www.siskiyou.org

Zane Grey Hike - Wilderness Week 2002 - Discover waterfalls and beautiful vistas while you hike along the Wild and Scenic section of the Rogue in the Zane Grey proposed Wilderness Area. It is an easy 6-mile trip.

When: Sunday, July 21th 9:00 a.m.

Where: Evo's Java House, 376 E. Main (Next to the Ashland Library)

Who: Headwaters and Klamath Siskiyou Wildlands

Contact Information: Derek Volkart, 482-4459,  derek@headwaters.org or Joseph Vaile, 488-5789,  joseph@kswild.org Website:  http://www.headwaters.org or  http://www.kswild.org

Siskiyou Crest Hike, Rogue River National Forest - Wilderness Week 2002 - Hike the proposed Siskiyou Crest Wilderness Area from the O'Brien Creek Trail on the border of the Rogue River and Siskiyou National Forests to vistas from Sugarloaf Mountain. Learn about the importance of wilderness as a connectivity corridor for carnivores and other species. This is a strenuous 6-8 mile round trip hike.

When: Monday, July 22nd 9:00 a.m.
Where: Evo's Java House, 376 E. Main (Next to the Ashland Library)
Who: Klamath Siskiyou Wildlands Contact Information: Joseph Vaile, 488-5789,  joseph@kswild.org Website:  http://www.kswild.org


Celebrating Independence Day

A brief account of how I lost my constitutional right to petition
By Lloyd Marbet, July 6, 2002

I live in the country, 10 miles from Estacada, Oregon, and 25 miles from the city of Portland. Since September of 2001, I have been gathering signatures on a state wide initiative petition proposing to amend Oregon's Constitution in order to enact Campaign Finance Reform.

I am chief petitioner on this initiative along with Harry Lonsdale and former Congressman James Weaver. The political committee responsible for managing this initiative campaign is Money Is Not Democracy and I have been its Campaign Coordinator.

By law, we are required to gather 89,048 signatures of valid registered voters in order to place our initiative on the ballot. These signatures must be turned in to the office of the Secretary of State's Election Division by 5:00 PM, on July 5, 2002.

Since the Elections Division uses a statistical sample of all the signatures that are submitted to determine whether an initiative makes the ballot, it is important to gather more signatures that are required in order to account for signatures that may not be valid. Our goal was to turn in at least 111,000 signatures.

On July 3rd we had approximately 105,221 signatures that had been turned in to us, and since we were still short of our goal we organized a petition drive to gather the remaining signatures we needed at the various events across the state celebrating our nation's Independence Day. One of these events was a widely advertised Fourth of July celebration being held at the City of Estacada's Timber Park. On that day, my fiancÚ, Cathryn Chudy, and I decided to gather signatures at this park after she got off work, since it was close to where I live.

At approximately 4:30 PM, we drove in my car to Estacada and followed the signs along the highway to the park entrance where people were collecting a five dollar fee for parking. This fee also provided the occupants of the car admittance into this event. When I was approached by a woman collecting this fee, I told her that I wished to attend this event and collect signatures on my initiative for Campaign Finance Reform. I assumed that there would be no problem in doing so.

She asked me to pull my car off to the side of the road while she checked with the head of security. When the head of security came to the front gate, I got out of my car to meet him. He introduced himself as "Steve" and I told him who I was, that I was a Chief Petitioner on an initiative petition to adopt Campaign Finance Reform, and that I wished to gather signatures at this July 4th celebration.

He told me absolutely not, that he would not allow me to talk politics and harass the people that were attending this family event. He also told me that this park was owned by Portland General Electric, leased by the City of Estacada, and rented to the people holding this event. I told him that the City of Estacada's control of this property made it "public" and that I had a constitutional right to petition my fellow citizens on public property at a public event regarding an issue that I considered to be of great importance.

He told me that this was a private event and if I wanted to gather signatures that I could go up the road, in the opposite direction from the entrance to this park, and try and stop the cars coming into this event in order to get the people inside to sign my petition. At that point I called my attorney, Dan Meek, on my cell phone to seek his legal advice. During the course of this telephone conversation I was asked by security to remove my car from the entrance to the park and take it to an adjacent parking lot.

I immediately complied with their request. Following my conversation with Dan Meek, I decided to return to the entrance gate and get the last name of the man that I had just talked with. My fiancÚ went with me. Since "Steve" was no longer at the entrance gate, I asked the security people standing there what his last name was and they told me they did not know. I was then asked if I intended to petition at this event. I answered yes, and was told that they would call the police and have me arrested.

I remained standing in place with my petitioning material and eventually four Clackamas County Sheriffs showed up, Officers Napoli, Westerman, Rippe, and Zacher, two on motorcycles and two in patrol cars. Officer Rippe explained to me that if I did not leave I would be put under arrest and I explained to him that this was a public event, on public property and I had a constitutional right to gather signatures on my petition.

I was willing to pay the five dollar entrance fee but I was told by both the security people and by Tonya Phillips of the Estacada Chamber of Commerce that they would not accept my money. At that point I walked just inside the entrance to the gate to gather signatures and Tonya Phillips asked me to leave. When I refused to do so, she conducted a citizen arrest on behalf of the Estacada Chamber of Commerce and I was handcuffed and escorted to a police car with the Star Spangled Banner playing over the loudspeakers.

I was taken to the Clackamas County Jail in Oregon City and after being processed, interviewed, fingerprinted, and photographed, I was released from jail on my own recognizance at around 7:30 PM, approximately three hours later.

ADDRESS: Lloyd K. Marbet 19142 SE Bakers Ferry Road Boring, OR 97009 Phone: (503) 637-3549 Fax: (503) 637-6130


Because She Challenges the Powerful, Cynthia McKinney is in the Fight of Her Political Life Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) spoke out against trillions of dollars in fraud by the Defense Department, she spoke out about Bush and intelligence agency 911 failures, she spoke out against the election fraud. Her reward is to be abandoned and doublecrossed by "Democrats" like Senator Zell Miller, who are working with Republicans to support a primary challenge against her.

God forbid a Democrat should speak out! As McKinney says about her pretend-dem opponent, Denise Majette: "She's running as a Democrat, but she's a Democrat in name only. She's voted Republican and she's given campaign cash to right-wing Republicans.

Moreover, hard core, right-wing Republicans - the same ones who supported Newt Gingrich and Mike Bowers - are now filling her campaign coffers with their cash. As a judge, she ruled against people who were injured . . . and in favor of big insurance companies - and now they're giving her campaign cash, too."



Southern Oregon Calendar, from the SOAPBOX Summer Edition, now in production



Midnight til'... Free Speech TV RVTV Ch. 31. Same day tape from the new 24/7 progressive underground alternative resistance satellite network. News and documentaries from Indymedia, Paper Tiger, Deep Dish, TV Guerillas, Earth Actions, Adbusters, Pick Axe, etc.


5:30pm Uncle Foods Free Diner: Trinity Episcopal Church. 44 N. 2nd St. Ashland.


7 pm: Just Alternatives to War (JAWS) Forum, South Mountain
Friends/Peace House, 543 S.Mountain Ave., Ashland, 482-9625 or 512-8823.

6-7pm: RVTV Ch. 31 Labor & Seoul, Brain-Labor, and OPEU productions

Midnight: RVTV Ch. 31. Free Speech TV RVTV Ch. 31


4-5 pm: Peace Meditation Circle, Peace House, 482-9625.

6-7pm: RVTV Ch.31. Labor & Seoul, Brain-Labor, and OPEU productions

Midnight: RVTV Ch. 31. Free Speech TV, RVTV Ch. 31.


KS Wild hikes every weekend. Call 488-5789

Noon to 2pm KSOC Radical def Radio, hardcore anarchist agitprop, spoken word, music with a message.
Every 1st and 3rd Saturday - Evo's Film Forum. Diverse, educational films relating to envioronment and social change. 7:00 pm, Evo's.


KS Wild hikes every weekend. Call 488-5789

Noon to 2pm KSOC Media Collective Free Speech Radio, Making Contact, Noam Chomsky, Judi Bari, etc. radio news and documentaries, conscious music, guest interviews and call-in.

Other Events Coming Up....

July 17th - Hike to Ski Ashland expansion. Meet and Evo's !0:00 a.m.
(Bring lunch.)

July 23rd - SugarLoaf Summerfest. Benifit for SCA. Freedom, Sasha Butterfly, Tina Malia $8-12 goes toward Land Payment
6:00 p.m. Provoltt Grange

July 31st - Local & Global Nuclear and Environmental Concern discussion from a Traditional Native Spiritual Perspective. 6:00 p.m. (Potluck at 6:00 talk at 7:00) peace house - 482-9625

August 1-4 - Campus Democracy 501-244-2439

August 9.10.11 - Renagde Festival Mt. Shatsta Ski Park 775-8344


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