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Is the war on terrorism for real?

Take the one question quiz.
Here is the question:

Given the unprecidented increases in security implemented since 9/11, why has the
flow of illegal drugs into the US not been stopped or significantly reduced?


How much cocaine and heroin has crossed the US border since 9/11? One would think that the
flow of drugs would have been reduced if not practically eliminated. Where are the headlines?

"Increased security from 'War on Terror' drastically reduces illegal drug flow across border"


"'War on Terror' bolsters 'War on Drugs'.

In fact, has there been any effect from the so called 'War on Terror' on the inflow of illegal drugs
into the United States? If a drug runner can get through with a kilo of heroin, a terrorist could get through
with a kilo of anthrax, right? This leave only two logical conclusions:

The 'War on Terror' is a total failure in that it cannot even stop drugs from coming across the border.


There is something we do not know about how drugs are being brought into this country.

The same security precautions are used to fight both of the so called wars, and the 'War of Terror' has
caused all of these security areas to be increased to unprecedented levels. Ah but the drugs keep
coming in just as they always have despite the increases in security. What is really going on?

Ask this question to everyone who will listen. Write your Congress person and ask them this question. If you cannot get
a reasonable, logical answer, ask yourself what then are you getting for the billions in tax dollars being
spent to fight these "wars"?

All American Wars are bullshit 16.Jul.2002 04:42

peace fighter

The War on terrorism has nothing to with fighting terrorism, you fool. Just as surely as the War on Drugs has nothing to do with fighting drugs. Like all American wars, they are nothing more than a pretext for US Imperialist expansion around the world. Period. End of discussion. That is all.

Until you get this through your thick head, you will never accomplish anyting.

hey peace fighter 16.Jul.2002 08:02


that's his fucking point, dumbass.

"hanjin", "china", Arkansas or Bust 16.Jul.2002 16:48

St. Francis, A Sissy

it's a good thing many once public port operations (like $eattle's) are undergoing privatization; i'm sure a company that is not accountable to the citizenry and barely the govt is going to ensure that no corruption ever occurs..especially since the people that head these companies are such caring Americans and indeed do feel that we all stand united. they would care to stop the massive flow of dope into this country as well as urge govts to increase treatment options and decriminalize drugs.

yes, united we stand indeed--as long as all the niggers and poor unemployed, depressed, sad and lonely americans die off, we'll stand united indeed.

fuck this place and fuck the police. (uh oh, do i still have the freedom to say this? no, but i have to say it)