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Today's Voice: A Growing Voice for America's Conscience

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Today's Voice

Changing Hearts and Minds

July 15, 2002


Russia Says U.S. Must Learn to Act with Others
By Ron Popeski
7 July 2002

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia's foreign minister said Sunday that the international community's main task was to persuade the United States to stop acting on its own.
Igor Ivanov, interviewed on ORT public television, said Russia had been motivated by a desire to draw Washington into international consultation when it pressed for signature of a new treaty reducing strategic nuclear arsenals at a May summit.

He said the problem of Washington acting alone had begun long before U.S. moves last week to restrict the scope of the new International Criminal Court, which is backed by Washington's allies in Western Europe.

"This is a reflection of a certain section of the elite of the United States which believes that today the United States can act in any way it wishes without taking into consideration its international obligations," Ivanov told a discussion panel on a weekly program called Vremena.

"The task of Russian diplomacy and the international community -- because the vast majority of countries share our position -- is to persuade the political elite of the United States that it is in their own interests to take part collectively and in solidarity in solving current problems."



A Growing Voice for America's Conscience

In the wake of September 11th, after pursuing some dangerous new postures in domestic and foreign policy, the US government has a problem: The more it tries to protect the public - with impulsive responses- the less safe we actually feel.

Thankfully, the American people are waking up to the President's make-war-on-the-world foreign policy. David Broder, the veteran Washington Post columnist, referring to the increasing skepticism of the war, wrote that "... if I have learned anything in four decades of covering politics, it is to pay heed when you hear the same questions - in almost the same phrases - popping up in different parts of the country."



Global Exchange: Fast Track Update

In this update you will find:
1. Update on Fastrack
2. What can you do to stop Fast Track?
3. Why stop Fast Track? Background Info



In Thor We Trust

We are living the ultimate irony. Under an administration that holds morning "Christian" prayer meetings our military has embarked on the most comprehensive war the world has ever known. The military has one function: to root out and kill the enemy; the enemy being worldwide terrorism. It is ironic that the first commandment of the Bush choir is bomb first and ask questions later, not "thy shall not kill". I understand the Norse god was a fighter and that the Old Testament god was a ruthless, jealous and vengeful deity but the Christian god is supposed to be a god of love. At least that is what I was led to believe as I pondered becoming a priest as a young man. The first Christian religion, Catholicism, believes that God and Christ are one. Christ said to love your enemy, so how are we justifying this continued slaughter of God's children. Christ allowed himself to be nailed to a cross before he would lift a finger against one of his fellow brothers or sisters. After having spikes driven into his hands and feet he forgave his tormentors. He taught his followers to love their enemy not loath them. So it makes you wonder exactly what god Mr. Bush is listening to. Under what god are we supposed to be putting our trust?


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