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Berrypatch tree-sit update

berrypatch update
The situation at the Berrypatch tree-sit is as follows. A woman is still occupying a tree in unit 3 at this time. US Forest Service law enforcement officers are present under the tree 24 hours a day,and have prevented food and water from being delivered to her.They are attempting to starve her out of the tree.About 20 activists made an effort to get supplys to the tree sunday but freddies were well prepared to make sure this did not happen. Trees were cut within 20-30 ft. of her tree,a clear violation of OSHA regulations. OSHA has told activists they will not investigate violations unless it is paid employees being endangered on the job. Logging contractor D.R. Johnson has clearly violated safety rules by cutting so close to her. We will update as more info comes in.

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a tad naive? 15.Jul.2002 12:56


You almost sound suprised that the logging company is cutting close to the
tree-sitter. If they don't care about the old growth trees, it is naive to think they
will follow some obscure safety regulations in the forest. And yeah, OSHA doesn't give
a shit either. That's obvious.

reply to 'none' 15.Jul.2002 13:14

indy reader

shut up, jerk-face. What, are people not supposed to give us updates on what's going on there? A lot of us care about what's going on there, don't have the means to visit ourselves, and are psyched that we can read about it on indymedia. go take your negative energy someplace else.

We are well aware............. 15.Jul.2002 15:15


Yes we are well aware that safety procedures have been ignored. The Deforestation Service seems a little more concerned about her falling out of the tree,but is still wanting to starve her out. The FS also felt their incidental take permit also made it ok to cut trees around the Spotted Owls that were found there(adults and fledglings)and documented by both activists and a FS biologist. I am not suprised the previous poster felt we were naive in thinking the loggers,OSHA or the FS would be concerned for the safety of the tree-sitter,but what I am really amazed by is the way someone could make a negative comment like that instead of being of support and giving some positive vibes to the woman in the tree, sitting there without supply lines and threatened with being branded a criminal for defending ancient trees. You ought to be ashamed! Anyone who wants to send her a positive message,go to www.tree-sit.org and click on guestbook area and we will forward them to her asap. Let's flood her with love,support,solidarity, and positive energy. Thanks to all the people who have given the Berrypatch activists support and shown interest. This means alot to the people in the woods on the front lines.

article on Berry Patch tree-sitter 16.Jul.2002 10:37

CFD forestdefenders@tao.ca

Original story appeared in today's Eugene Register Guard. This is the AP version.

Officers keep food from protester

The Associated Press 7/16/02 3:02 AM

EUGENE, Ore. (AP) -- The U.S. Forest Service won't let supporters take food and water to a treesitter living in the Willamette National Forest.

The protester, who goes by "Basil," has spent the past two weeks on a platform suspended about 70 feet up a large Douglas fir. It is one of the last trees marked to be cut at the Berry Patch timber sale in the Middle Fork Ranger District east of Lowell.

Officers plan to arrest the woman when she comes down and charge her with interfering with an agricultural operation, District Ranger Rick Scott said Monday.

"It's up to her to decide when she wants to come down," Scott said.

Supporters tried to bring the woman supplies Sunday but were blocked by Forest Service officers.

"Their strategy is to starve this woman out of the tree," said Josh Laughlin with Cascadia Wildlands Project, a Eugene-based group that opposes logging of ancient forests.

Laughlin said Basil is willing to come down if she isn't arrested and charged.

"She wants to save what's left up there, including the tree she's sitting in," he said. "And she doesn't want to be a criminal for saving the last of the old growth forests."

The rest of the sale area, which included trees several hundred years old, has been logged by D.R. Johnson Lumber Co. of Riddle. The company's contract for the timber dates to 1996, and about three-quarters of the site was logged in 1997 and 1998. The rest was cut in recent weeks.

On July 8, Lane County sheriff's deputies arrested a 20-year-old man at the logging site and charged him with interfering with an agricultural operation and third-degree escape. The district attorney's office decided the case lacked enough evidence to prosecute, Chief Deputy District Attorney Kent Mortimore said.

 link to www.oregonlive.com

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