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deportation case

In small courtrooms in Israel, using the facade of a "legal process",
Israel has started the deportations of Palestinians from the West Bank.
For those who are not aware of the case, here is a short summary:

The Israeli government, supported by the Israeli judges, are going to
forcibly deport two innocent Palestinians from the West Bank and into

The two Palestinians, who live in the West Bank, are Maher Diuk and

Mr. Diuk has lived in Abwein, a suburb of Ramallah. He is married to
Diuk, who is 7- months pregnant. Because he also holds Jordanian
citizenship, the Israeli government wants to deport him to Jordan (Effi
Eitam - you can take a vacation).

Mr. Nagar is a Palestinian citizen living in the West Bank city of Beit
Sahur (near Bethlehem). He has lived there for seven years. Because he
holds a Jordanian passport (as do many thousands of Palestinians) the
Israeli authorities issued an order of deportation to Jordan.

They both filed petitions to the Jerusalem District Court. They might as
well have filed petitions to FIFA. The court, ofcourse, denied their
petitions. Attorney Leibowitz appealed to the Supreme Court, but the
Israeli Supreme Court did not intervene. In a hearing which lasted 5
minutes, during which the judges were writing other verdicts, they
the appeal and justified the State's actions. The judge who wrote the
two-sentence decision was Shlomo Levin.

Remember that name.

How could Jewish judges do unto others what was done to their ancestors
during the past two thousand years? The answer might be found in the
that during both hearings, in the Jerusalem District Court and in the
Supreme Court, the courtroom was empty. That gave the judges the freedom
they needed to authorize such iniquitous acts. They knew there won't be
public outcry.

Attoney Leibowitz filed another petition to the District Court in Tel
Aviv. Judge Oded Modrik heard oral arguments on July 8. This time there
a small crowd of about 10 people. This time, Judge Modrik did not
immediately reject the appeal but said he needs a few days to think
it. He will render his decision on July 16 at 08:30.

These two men did not commit any crime. They are not our enemies. Let us
not turn them into our enemies by committing an outrageous act of
deportation, tearing them away from their families and property.

Come and show solidarity with these two people on Tuesday July 16, at
in the District Court in Tel Aviv, 1 Weissman St., 3rd floor, Judge
Modrik's Courtroom. Please mark your calendars and tell your friends

Anyone wishing to receive a transcript of the proceedings, can call
Attorney Leibowitz 972-3-5327772.

If you wish to let the Israeli authorities know your opinion about their
actions, fax Judge Shlomo Levin in the Supreme Court: 972-2-6759744
appeal no. 4707/02
or Jerusalem District Attorney, Mr. Moshe Lador, fax no: 972-2-6258408

or Tel Aviv District Attorney, Mr. Yaakov Cohen, fax no: 972-3-6918541

Shamai Leibowitz, Esq
Ben Gurion St 11A
Givat Shmuel ISRAEL 54017
Tel: 972-3-5327772
I would agree with St. Augustine that "an unjust
law is no law at all" - martin luther king jr