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Mount Hood needs all the help it can get!!!!!!!!!

CFA needs activist from the p-town area that are willing to be in the woods this summer and help stop the cuts on our public land. There is one sale being cut right now and next week more will be cut. We need more people and gear and cash.
So we at CFA need you to come out and run around in the wood and do eco-defense this summer. We need support on all levels of course. But we are in need of activist that are willing to risk arrest and turn up the heat on the fuckers in everyway we can. If you are in to it call us at 503 241 4879. Also we need gear and money to keep up the fight. Barstool is half way cut and other sales are goin to be cut next week. We need to get under the timber beasts skin in everyway. I feel like there are so many activist in portland that it would be a shame if a handful of activist have to take sth brunt of this one. So pretty much im sayin we need you and your body to get in the way of the log trucks NOW!!!!!! keep fightin!!!

homepage: homepage: http://cascadiaforestalliance.org
phone: phone: 503 241 4879

all right!!!!!!! 14.Jul.2002 00:27

eco warrior

I'm into fuckin with those assholes. I'm with you all the way lts fuck shit up.

Barstool 15.Jul.2002 17:24


Barstool: 22 acres of old growth. It was some of the nicest forest in the Oak Grove. There were trees over 450 years old cut in this sale. Logged by Thomas Creek Lumber (convicted of timber theft twice in the Willamette).

3 Conifer: Being logged by Dodge Lumber. East side of Mt. Hood. The Last salvage rider sale on Mt. Hood. Big Ponderosa Pines.

Upper Boulder: Being logged by High Cascade. East side of Mt. Hood. 455 acres

Chee: Being Logged by High Cascade. One of the Yakka sales. Lots of Riparian area issues. Also on the East side of Mt. Hood

Check out www.bark-out.org in the coming weeks for photos of active logging on Mt. Hood