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REPUBLICAN ex-CIA DIRECTOR called peoples of Mexico, " useless eaters "

Can the peoples of South America, Africa, Asia be far behind on the food chain of 'Useless Eaters".. Where does it end with the elite classes? Once those uesless eaters are gone or enslaved and there is still not enough for their greed, who is next, those of a certain eye color, hair color, height, weight, something in 'their' DNA. There is no end to their greed or their elitism. Class warfare derived from class consciousness is what 'they ' fear...
There is economic data to show that less than 1% of the US population now controls over 94% on the nations wealth. And it is still not enough, Bush is pushing for more tax cuts for the wealthy. This is insanity. A slip of the tongue by a Republican (former) Cia Director explains it all. Everyone except their blue-blooded Mayflower social crowd is a useless eater. This mindset and wealth concentration can only lead to human slavery. www.ratical.org/ratville/JFK/ JohnJudge/GoodAmericans.html GOOGLE.Search ( George H.W. Bush told special forces COL.Gene Tatum

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Bush Family Evil Empire and eugenics 13.Jul.2002 16:43

useless eater

Can you please attribute the 'useless eaters' quote to a specific individual or show a source for this information. I couldn't find it on the URL you mentioned.

There is some evidence that Bush family, the British Royals, the Rockefellers, Averell Harriman (a very conservative business partner to Prescott Bush who was a Democratic Party leader) have all shown a disturbing fascination with racial studies, eugenics, germ warfare and population planning. It's a fact that US projects devoted to these subjects were deliberately cooperating and sharing research with nazis during WWII.

Some of these details were exposed by the public trial of a doctor named Dr. Jason Alfred Kawasaki who worked at the Fort Detrick biowarfare laboratory.


footnote #8 14.Jul.2002 11:24


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