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Anyone remember the guy named Mitchell Crooks who shot the original video of police brutality against Donovan Jackson? I figure that since none of these issues would be brought to light without this courageous man, I find it very appropriate to approach this subject in a rather angry manner since no one else seems to be.
Loud angry protests. "Fuck police brutality". "It's time to stand up against abuse". Very true, but aren't we forgetting something? Or rather, someONE?

People, there is somebody who's already in jail right now who's involved with this story.

Know who it is? It's not Officer Morse and it's not Donovan Jackson. It's the guy who SHOT THE VIDEOTAPE.

A whistleblower against police misconduct is now imprisoned and probably being physically and mentally abused and HARDLY ANYONE IS SPEAKING ABOUT IT on the IMC.

I understand that Donovan and the issue of police abuse is important, but we have to remember that if it hadn't been for Mitchell Crooks who shot the video in the first place, Donovan's abuse would certainly go unpunished and unnoticed.

I think it's our duty as activists for social justice to shine an enormous spotlight on the case of the man who shot the videotape and why HE is now behind bars.

Wake up people and start talking about this. PLEASE!

Our protest signs should read along the lines of "FIRE MORSE AND FREE CROOKS".

If we protest against the police abuse of Donovan Jackson WITHOUT addressing the situation of Mitchell Crooks, we're all hypocrits.

info on Mitchell Crooks 12.Aug.2002 10:40


Mitchell Crooks who videotaped the Inglewood Police Dept. is still behind bars, waiting trial on August 21, 2002 in the Placer County California Courthouse!!

The LA DA's office has had to do a lot of explaining!!

Info on his case, comments and whereabouts have been recently updated on  http://www.freecrook.com

Would he be behind bars if he uncovered a terrorist plot?