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9.11 investigation


The internet is infected with conspiracy theories (lies) surrounding 9-11, which need to be silenced immediately, lest our security as a nation be even further compromised.
On June 10 of this year a group of conspiracy wonks calling themselves UnansweredQuestions.org took full advantage of the liberties afforded to them by this great country of Ours by invoking their First Amendment rights (bought and paid for with the blood of many a young lad - Your Welcome, America) and holding a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. Their so-called "purpose" was to "address" certain "questions" pertaining to 9-11 that hitherto had allegedly been ignored by the government and the mainstream media.

"We 'represent' growing numbers from around the world who are skeptical of the official story offered and who insist on bringing the truth to light while defending the cause of Freedom."

So said their press release, and to be quite honest, I didn't really know what to think. No, actually, that's not true: it scared me. It full-on frightened me. It made me sick, the implications, what it all meant. My stomach began to churn as I felt myself become as angry as I was on that fateful day, as I helplessly watched the second plane crash the second tower.

Rather than taint your minds and souls, as well as bore you, with explicit detail of the event (I won't quote any more of their pernicious propaganda - you can see it for yourself at their website, if you so wish) I intend only to give you the bare bones of what happened. Additionally, I will supply a sort of wake-up commentary concerning the ramifications of what I would term a sick, soulless, seditious act that is little more than a burp, slap, and fart in the face of every good American citizen.

Luckily, the event was not covered by any one self-respecting individual in the mainstream media. Thankfully, this rubbish was not the focus of any report that any child could have just tuned in to see on MSNBC, FOX, or CNN. O'Reilly didn't deign to dignify such garbage on his program. Chris Mathews elected not to lower the standard of such a high quality program as his to give even one mention in passing to the treason that occurred inside the National Press Club in the name of, laughably-enough, Freedom!

Freedom. Liberty.

I wonder what those words means to them. Do they even know, or are they only under the impression that they do? Maybe we just have different dictionaries - maybe that's it. I don't know. I'm a Merriam-Webster man, myself. What are they using? Bolshevik Red's Politically Correct Russian to Chinese, Chinese to Russian Dictionary?

I wonder.

I wonder what sort of trauma one needs to endure, how screwed up a childhood one must have to question the integrity of our leaders. I wonder how many times it takes for one to be sodomized on the alter of Moloch in the midst of blood-drinking, animal sacrificing heathens for one to assert that the government, that George W. Bush knew that the attacks were going to happen and did nothing to stop them.

I mean, how sick is that? Am I alone here?

And it goes on: Lie after Lie. The media didn't show up. But did that stop them? No. No, it didn't. They knew their lies would find an audience, and it would be enough. They started off by citing so-called fishy insider trading (which didn't at all happen) that indicated that certain elements of the government knew what was going to happen and not only didn't try to stop it, but tried to profit from it to boot! It's actually a compelling argument, except for one thing, Ladies and Gentlemen: IT DIDN'T HAPPEN! It's a lie, boldfaced, in all-caps. There was no unusual activity taking place in the weeks before the attacks. Period. If there was, don't you think someone would have noticed? The SEC, the FBI? Why aren't they investigating such a development? Why was there no mention of it on the news? That's easy. See above.

But that was just one of many. Among other heresies:

High-up's in the FBI "blocked," "thwarted," "intimidated," and "undermined" any and all attempts of well-meaning FBI field agents to expose certain individuals that may have been involved in the 9-11 plot. FALSE!

Certain high ups in the U.S. government had deals with and were linked in many ways to the terrorists. FALSE!

George Bush Sr. and Jr. had links to the bin Laden family. Again, FALSE!

Various foreign governments and intelligence agencies warned the U.S. government of impending attacks that were to occur in and around September 11th. FALSE! NEVER HAPPENED!

The anthrax attacks, which followed 9-11, were government sponsored. NOT TRUE! ANOTHER SAD LIE!

And it goes on. And on...

I could continue, but I'm afraid that I can't. In all good conscience I cannot report anymore of this filth - even if it is in the interest of the truth. If you don't believe me, if you want more then look it up for yourselves. It's all there in the public record. Everything I've said here today is verifiable to the tee.

Apparently, nothing is scared to certain people anymore. Is our country sacred? Our government? Our safety? Except maybe in times of convenience they are. The First Amendment gives people the right to say whatever they want, right? Even if that means undermining all of that which this country holds dear. Even if it means spreading lies, slandering people and institutions for the purpose of advancing the darkest of agendas. Even if it means desecrating words such as "freedom," "truth," "justice," and "democracy" to the point where their definitions become relative, and therefore, meaningless.

In a nut shell, the War On Terror is about protecting all that these people would like to give away to the terrorists. They would be perfectly happy to genuflect and kiss the hems of Osama and Company's garments. But friends, we can't let it get to that point. We have to work to get to the root of these lies and cut off at the neck their advocates. Because the enemy is not limited to Al-Qaida. Instead the enemy could be your neighbor, a family member, a coworker, anyone who is critical of the agent that stands between us and terror. Anyone faithless enough to lie to your face and have you believe that there is no God.

And the sooner we as a people begin to recognize the harm which could be wrought by said individuals, the better off we'll be as a country, as a people. And the sooner the better!

homepage: homepage: http://www.thetroutinthemilk.com

Is this a parody? 12.Jul.2002 00:36

9-11 Reichstag Fire

I am not sure if this a parody or a sincere piece.

Is this guy trying to mock how the average Patriotic American's denies the 9-11 "conspiracy theories" about how the US Government actually sponsored and supported September 11 itself.

Or does he actually believe all the bullcrap that he is writing?

Parody 12.Jul.2002 01:05

pdx radical youth

I don't really understand it myself. There are two options: one of the sheep happened upon indymedia and decided to take the time to concisely report the corporate line to us, or the option that I prefer, it's someone affiliated with the site they claimed to blast, promoting it. Because the site is unaffiliated with Indymedia, it would seem a stretch for anyone who is unfamiliar with left reporting to link a 9-11 conspiracy site to indymedia. Either way, it's nice to see a variety of opinions able to be represented by Indymedia, even if they are fake opinions ;)


Which is it? 12.Jul.2002 01:11


I don't know what it is either. Maybe Cointelpro Tool has a friend.

parody 12.Jul.2002 04:21


go to the 'trout in the milk website'

thank goodness it was just a joke! 12.Jul.2002 10:50

the real pc

That was some really funny s***! Thanks goodness it was just a joke. The scary part was that the author sounded sincere in his or her delusions. Ah well. Good morning!