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Ex-Political Prisoners in Portland Saturday

A Forum on Political Prisoners, State Repression, and the necessity of Revolutionary Resistance to patriarchy, capitalism, and The State. Ex-political prisoners, Bo Brown, and Chris Plummer will be speaking at Liberty Hall at 5 PM Saturday in Portland, and at 7 PM Sunday at 150 Columbia Room in Eugene about building prisoner support networks, and their experiences behind bars, among other things. Proceeds will benefit prisoner support networks.


The Northwest Political Support Network brings you: Christopher Plummer, an anarchist political prisoner for 8 1/2 years, and Bo Brown, also a political prisoner for 8 years, who will be speaking both in Portland at Liberty Hall, 311 N. Ivy, Saturday July 13th at 5 PM, and in Eugene on BASTILLE DAY Sunday July 14th at the 150 Columbia Room at the U of O at 7 PM.

If you would like more information on those dates, please contact: gumbycascadia@yahoo.com. For those of you who are not familiar with the stories of these dedicated activists for revolutionary change who work to build political prisoner support networks, their brief histories follow.

Rita "Bo" Brown grew up a a "working-class butch dyke" in Klamath Falls, Oregon. She became politically conscious while serving time for a drug offense. During her one year imprisonment, Bo educated herself about the struggles against imperialism, against patriarchy, the class struggle, and other movements for social change. Upon being released from prison, she moved to Seattle where she became involved in anti-capitalist activism. After becoming disillusioned and impatient with the above-ground "progressive" movements, Bo made the choice to become involved in armed struggle. She joined the George Jackson Brigade - a group of urban guerrillas made up of communists and anarchists who shared a common goal - the overthrow of the United States government. Bo's specialty was bank-robbing. She was known as "The Gentleman Bankrobber" because she was so nice to the tellers and because, with a little help from a costume shop, she had law enforcement looking for a man for almost two years. Bo participated in many Brigade actions - from bombings to jail breaks - before she was finally arrested. Bo served 8 years in prison for her acts of resistance. Upon her release from prison she moved to Oakland and formed the "Out Of Control Lesbian Prisoner's Support Group" - a group designed to provide mutual aid and legal assistance to Lesbians behind bars. She also works with the Prison Activist Resource Center - a very effective popular political-prisoner support organization. Bo will speak to the Eugene and Portland communities about her experiences as an urban guerrilla , her experiences as a lesbian political prisoner, and her thoughts on resistance to oppression and exploitation.

Chris Plummer is a longtime anarchist and anti-racist activist. In the early 90's, Chris traveled across the U.S. meeting various revolutionary groups along the way. During this time, Chris founded the United Anarchist Front, a group that used direct action to fight oppression. In 1993, Chris took part in an action against the American Front, a fascist group with a record of extreme violence. To keep them from spreading their hate literature within the neighborhoods and schools of Houston, Texas, Chris had broken into one of their houses and stole and destroyed racist propaganda. Police found Chris' fingerprints at the scene and he was convicted of "breaking and entering with an intent to burglarize" and sent to prison. they even went as far as to try and bring up ridiculous charges of attempted murder against him. the bogus charges were dropped, however, when Chris couldn't be terrorized into turning in his friends. Once imprisoned, Chris got right to work. he started a group callled Cell One at Huntsville Prison. One of Cell One's most important projects was the Texas Prisoners Anarchis Lending Library. Such a library that provided radical and progressive literature by and about Blacks, Chicanos, Native Americans, Asians, and working class whites to whomever wanted it presented a threat to white supremacist gangs and prison authorities because they know that ignorance is a splendid way to keep people divided. Unfortunately, the prison authorities later destroyed this project, but Chris continued fighting racism behind bars. Racists and prison guards attacked Chris during his imprisonment, but they never managed to break his spirit. Chris served 8 1/2 years in prison for his anti-racist actions. Since his release, he has not stopped fighting. He is dedicated to supporting political prisoners, fighting racism, and building a revolutionary movement to destroy Capitalism and the State.

homepage: homepage: http://www.anarchistblackcross.org