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Southern Oregon Forest Allliance Communique

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Southern Oregon Forest Allliance Communique
Southern Oregon Forest Allliance Communique
10 July 2002

Allyn Ford presented with the Golden Stump Award

In solidarity with actions across the state, activists from around the region presented Allyn Ford with the Golden Stump Award. At noon on Wednesday the massive stump warrived at a Medford branch of Umpqua Bank to signify Mr. Ford's contribution to forest destruction in the Pacific Northwest.

Mr. Ford is the Chairman of the Board of Umpqua Bank, as well as the sole owner of Roseburg Forest Products (RFP) and Scott Timber Company. Mr. Ford holds contracts to dozens of timber sales in the region, including 'replacement volume" sales in southern Oregon. Old growth trees in the Cascades and Siskiyous are being traded for skinny second growth trees in the Siuslaw National Forest.

The Peak and Silver-Sturgis timber sales are imminently threatened by this public lands scam. Mr. Ford holds the contracts to both of these sales.

The Peak Timber Sale, located in the Prospect Ranger District of the Rogue River National Forest, has been the focus of environmental concerns for over a year. Activists have utilized a range of tactics to bring attention to the public lands
boondoggle known as "replacement volume."

Recent actions include a demonstration at Senator Ron Wyden's office in Medford to ask that he help find a quick solution to "replacement volume" sales, specifically the Peak timber sale that is scheduled to be cut this month by Roseburg Forest Products. Concerned community members created a 50 ft. diameter earthworks mandala at the Peak timber sale and sent its picture on postcards to both Ron Wyden and Allyn Ford to call attention to the threatened forests of Peak.

Activists in Portland occupied the Umpqua Holdings Corp. headquarters on Monday to demand that Allyn Ford reject replacement volume sales throughout the state, while Eugene activists protested at a local Umpqua Bank.

Polls continue to show strong support for the protection of old growth forests. Scientists across the world agree on the importance of intact watersheds, old growth forests and roadless areas, yet Allyn Ford openly advocates logging old
growth forests. With less than 5% of the native forests remaining in America, Mr. Ford's business practices are archaic and against public opinion.

Southern Oregon Forest Alliance

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