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War Against Iraq: The Information War

old article excerpt to give current Iraq/U$ issue context
(old article)  http://www.independent.org/tii/content/events/f_macarth.html
"You remember that Bush sent troops in order to defend Saudi Arabia against a possible invasion from Kuwait by the Iraqis.
But there were Soviet satellite photographs available of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia taken on September 11 and 13 1990. Those
photographs showed very clearly the American troop concentration on the Saudi side of the border. They showed no Iraqi
troop concentrations on the Kuwaiti side of the border, nothing."

I saw this mentioned on FSTV (fstv.org) too. Basically the U$ lied about troop positions because everyone else with access to information (not majority of US media) was looking at the real troop positions from live satellite photos.

Currently there is military build-up in Qatar and elsewhere. The world is watching. Perhaps enough people will be "in the know" this time about events concerning Iraq (reporters must have access to do reports!--they take that risk). Or if there's enough open access for people to media on both sides government "officials" in the White House won't be able to lie about the numbers like they did before when Bu$h senior was presiding to start the oil war.

Accountability. It's possible only with Open Source and Open Society.
-Nick W.

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