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New Berrypatch tree-sit update-Thursday

Berrypatch update
Trees are still being cut today in the area of the tree-sit in unit 3 of the Berrypatch timber sale in the middle fork district of the Willamette National Forest. Spotted Owls(a pair and a pair of fledgelings)were documented by activists earlier in the week.The Forest Service has refused to stop cutting in the area,claiming they issued an incidental take permit for the area back when the sale was drawn up in 1997.Therefore they are not willing to protect the Owl's habitat,even after a biologist came out this week and saw the 4 owls there in the area.Cutting is continuing today,so the Forest Disservice has made it clear once again profits come first,endangered species last.
One activist was arrested in the area earlier in the week and charged with interfering with an agricultural operation,a felony state charge,as well as escape 3. We will continue to update as more news comes available.

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