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scary looking middle-easterners

why do all the "terrorists" look so angry in those news photos?
when i was at RTS! (Reclaim The Streets!) in $eattle this past year, i was stopped and detained along w/ a friend and IMC photographer (who was doing work for a big media outlet at the time). before i got put in the wagon (without even knowing why i was being put in the wagon..yeah american freedom) the pigs took a Polaroid™ of me and others.

i don't know why, but i decided to put on a big smile for them and lean my head on the shoulder of the officer that "bagged" me.

when i see those bitter-looking middle-easterners i can't help but wonder: how the fuck did these pictures ever surface? i speculate that maybe these guys at one point had been rounded up by, oh i don't know, Israeli authority or some government's authority maybe, and photographed. of course they could just be passport photos...every picture of a middle-easterner i see on the news could just be a PASSPORT photo...hmm.

what effect does the viewing of an angry-looking guy who "hates America's freedom" have on the average (fat, lazy, prejudiced) American? will they feel that these particular middle-easterners (as well as all of them) are just meanies and don't know how to flash a winning suburbanite smile? what, they can't just be chipper chirpy and happy?

no, these middle-easterners aren't human--they can't be if they don't ever smile. why wouldn't a person ever smile in this oh so wonderful life?

reporting as a black man from Amerikkka, this is St. Francis, A Sissy, signing off.