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shacusa.net down?

the RICO suit was dropped, but the site seems to be down
Anyone know what's up w/the SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) site?

It seems to be down and re-directs to  http://www.shacusa.net/shareholders/corporate.html.

homepage: homepage: http://www.shacusa.net

Well 11.Jul.2002 17:33


You know what happened in seattle yesterday right?

Bloody Insurers Get Smoked Out 16.Jul.2002 23:32

duck duck goose

Marsh and Guy Carpenter got "smoked out of their holes" today by alleged anonymous activists. 2 whole buildings apparently were evacuated after becoming the target of "military style smoke gernades" as one channel reported.

As George W Bush stated, we need to smoke these terrorists out of their holes! Insuring the murder of 500 animals every day is not acceptable.

Note: As reported by some media outlets, SHAC is not affiliated with the attack. Although we do support direct action, as long as it does not hurt any animal, human or non human, we do not engage in, organize or fund such activities. However we do applaud those brave enough to do so.

Read the stories online:

the Marsh campaign:  http://www.october29.org/shacusa/news_insurance_marsh.htm


Just one day after an activist vomited all over the HLS
Display Table at the World Congress of Pharmacology
Conference in San Francisco, protesters again stormed
the conference and headed for the HLS table.
Two activists approached the HLS table, yelling and
calling attention to the scientific fraud at HLS. As
security escorted the activists out, HLS employee Mark
Adams looked smug, relieved that the activists were
gone. He quickly wiped the smirk off his face as
another activist took advantage of the lack of
security, and overturned the literature table and
yelled "Welcome to San Francisco, puppy killers."

Two more activists followed suit, accosting the HLS
employees and letting the room know about the
undercover investigations and making it clear to the
puppy killers and all conference attendees: There will
be no rest for the wicked. Whether it be HLS or the
lab's collaborators, we will be there to make their
lives miserable.
Bloody Insurers Get Smoked Out
Bloody Insurers Get Smoked Out

Activists? More Like Terrorists. 18.Jul.2002 10:06


I object to the characterization of ecovandals (like Free and Critter) as "terrorists" for merely damaging property.

However, this action has crossed the line. The fuckers who set off the smoke grenades in the Seattle office buildings put many people in danger, most of whom have nothing whatsoever to do with HLS.

If you want people to join the anti-vivisection movement, this is the WRONG way to do it.

Margarine? More like Terrorism! 19.Jul.2002 11:24


give me a break.

Terrorists?! 19.Jul.2002 17:29


Terrorists are busy destroying the planet, killing by the thousand, enslaving by the million, and you are concerned with a smoke device?

People are so attached to their own comfortable blase life and anything that disturbs it is horrible. Meanwhile, their deep denial allows the real rapers and killers to go on doing so. Just as long as they can have their TV and not have to do anything.

Guess what folks - A freight train is coming straight at ya! The U.S. bubble is about to burst!

Hey anon... 20.Jul.2002 19:13


Your name should be what they call people like you on Slashdot: Anonymous Coward.

So, you propose putting innocent people in danger to get your viewpoint across? How would you like it if an asthmatic has an attack in an incident like that or someone gets trampled during an evacuation?

In order to get people out of their "comfortable blase life," they need to be informed about what is going on, and convinced that the cause will help them, such as the Health Care for All initiative. Direct action is needed to counter the millions health insurers and pharmaceutical companies will spend to convince us single-payer health care is evil.

Smoke-bombing office buildings gets people pissed off at you. Not pissed off at HLS, pissed off at YOU. In order to score points with your radical-chic friends, you alienate thousands of potential allies.

Hey Varro 24.Jul.2002 13:03


You sure put anon is his/her place. Whatever slashdot says is what i think too! :)

Glad to hear you'll be gathering signatures for an initiative to put the revolution on the ballot. It's really effective! :)

lets close down huntingdon!!!!!!!! 28.Jun.2005 10:00


i am horrified at the pictures that i have seen. no animal should EVER have to suffer period! i am grateful for the people who do what they can in the hopes of someday giving freedom to every animal. it's bad enough that animals give their lives for us, horrendous in the manner that we humans take it. judy