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I have to admit that the terrorists did disapointment me on the fourth by not delivering as promised. However, I'm sure they know what they're doing.
It was the fourth of July and I was sitting in front of my television, admittedly waiting for something to happen. All the warnings had just gotten to me and I was just about convinced that the four horsemen were right around the bend. I knew in my heart that despite all the precautions being taken by our leaders, there really wouldn't be much they could do in the event of a suicide bombing, or something similar. They had admitted as much to us.

What would it be? Nuclear, Biological? How bloody? I didn't make any plans.

When the regularly scheduled program I was watching in lieu of an emergency news broadcast was replaced with the breaking news of a shooting at LAX, I said to myself, "Here we go."

I fetched my wife and she joined me on the couch.

Apparently, someone had wandered over to the El Al counter at the airport and opened fire, killing anywhere from 2-5 people, depending on the news outlet. And that was it. There wasn't anymore information available.

We would just have to wait.

I wondered, what could this be? So far I wasn't disappointed. Maybe, I thought, this is just a distraction, and we're in for more, something major, not just a seemingly random shooting where only a handful of people get iced. Yeah, that's it. There'll be something else. I mean, it'd be easy. Just send the sacrificial lamb into the terminal to fire off a couple of rounds, and then when the man has been "subdued" and "killed" and after everyone has been evacuated to the street, easily hundreds of people just milling around, have someone else with a few bombs strapped to his chest, walk over into the middle of the crowd and light the fuse.

Or, maybe since so many police had been deployed to the area, the next major, inevitable strike would take place in another part of town.

Or something like that. I just knew there would be more.

And time passed, and passed, with very little information coming to light. Nevertheless, the news media persisted and stood ever vigilant, poised to bring to us the next piece of the information puzzle. In the meantime, they had to make due with telling us all the things we already knew - but what could they do? It was tense. All the while, I found myself thinking that the terrorists were quickly losing the element of surprise. Time wasn't exactly on their side. "They should act soon if they really want to stick it to Lady Liberty," I told my wife, who nodded solemnly in agreement. Oh well, maybe they'd strike after dark, when every one's guard was down and the police were too busy keeping the watchful eye.Yeah, that's what would happen. And it would be big, too! No one would know what hit them.

But by the time midnight rolled around I began to question the competence of Al-Qaida. Because they were supposed to be this big bad, ruthless band of killers and all they'd done was send that dude to the airport? What did they have in mind? Because it seemed that the more they waited the less of a body count they could expect. What were they thinking? What did they have up their sleeve?

Oh well, I'm sure they know what their doing, I thought to myself as I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I awoke to the sounds of birds chirping in the trees outside my window. It was peaceful, but I couldn't help but wonder what lay beyond that, miles away and elsewhere.

I got out of bed and immediately turned on the TV, expecting to see some great man-made structure in flames to the tune of reporters' accounts of what had "allegedly" taken place and how many hundreds of people gave up the ghost as a result.

But I'll be damned if nothing had happened. There were just more reports about the shooting at the airport.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a Liberal, or anything. I didn't, in anyway, want any Americans to die. That's not my thing. But I am a pragmatist. We are at war with an enemy that wants nothing more than to kill us all. And need I say that things in that department (the whole War On Terror) are waning somewhat? There are some people out there who have lost sight of the what we're supposed to be doing over there. They don't seem to understand what we're dealing with and they are making things rather hard for those of us who love freedom. Forget they don't have a leg to stand on and use such buzz words as "human rights" and "unconstitutional" to win over the dafter portions of our society to their cause. Whatever. Oh, and those attacks on Bush aren't helping matters, either. I recognize that, too. I see what they're up to.

So, it was in the spirit of being realistic, as well as in the spirit of all this country was founded upon, I knew what needed to happen in order to get things back to the way they're supposed to be. It was so obvious. Think about it: remember how after September 11th everyone came together in a spirit of oneness and were able to cooperate for the first time in history, despite party affiliations, etc.? Remember that? I do. I remember the patriotism. The flag waving. The positive, can-do outlook. Everyone agreed that something had to be done and that we were going to get those bastards.

What happened? We were going so strong for a while and then... Well it just seems that the effect of 9-11 wore off. The God-hating atheists just had to have their say. (They just took God out of the classroom you know. Just imagine what's next!) I don't want to suggest that some of these people are really just closet supporters of Osama, because I respect the 1st Amendment, but I have to admit I'm beginning to wonder.

It thus goes without saying that a second attack along the lines of what happened last year would be just what this country needed to get back on track. It's a brutal necessity. And again, I repeat that I don't want more Americans to die. But I do concede that one needs eggs to make an omelet. We have found ourselves in a situation where it's kill or be killed - a situation we could have avoided if we had given ourselves a stronger presence on the world stage.

Does not one need fuel to drive a car?

But better late than never. Our country has made mistakes in the past and now we're doing our best to ensure a better future for our children. And now some of our fellow countrymen want to stop us? I guarantee that another attack would snap said dissenters back into place. Flag sales would soar! And such an attack is what I was hoping for on or around the July fourth weekend.

The fact that nothing did happen only means that we have to wait a little longer. Actually some have suggested that the shooting here in LA was, indeed, a terrorist attack. Because the guy was an Arab and a Muslim. And he did kill some Jews.

Israel even says it was a terrorist attack. Hello!?

But certain liberal elements in law enforcement are determined to spin the issue into an isolated incident. Are you surprised? Just a disgruntled individual seeking justice with the barrel of a gun. Yeah. Sure. To that I would say, that even if it is true, it's on the level of unpatriotic to say so. Because such a conclusion is not in the national interest. But even then, to be frank, the attack was hardly what we needed to get the attention we needed, the support we need - although concluding it a terrorist action would've help the cause somewhat.

However, in the end, it doesn't really matter. Not in the long run, it doesn't. Because I have faith in our enemies. They know what they're doing. They're formidable. I'm not worried. They'll attack, and sometime soon, I hope.

Elections are coming up.

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You're an idiot 11.Jul.2002 10:59


People still get married and watch TV??? How conventional.

I went to Canada during the Filth of July and didn't see one FUCKING United States flag, to my relief. I did see one bumper sticker that read "Bush Lost". The vehicle was from Washington (Canadians don't feel they need to paste their political opinions on their cars; I only saw a few stickers for radio stations). When I returned, reluctantly, to the Evil Empire I saw even more clearly how fat, spoiled, ignorant and just complete asshole-ish United Statesians (not "Americans", Canada, and all nations geographically below the U.S. are part of America)are.

The U.S. deserves any punches it gets. FUCK THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Canada here I come.