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New Berrypatch tree-sit update

Berrypatch update
Logging crews were logging within 20 ft. of the tree-sit today. Logging was shut down by a cat and mouse effort saturday, but overwhelming law enforcement was present monday morning and one activist was arrested in the area of unit 3 and charged with escape 3 and interfereing with an agricultural operation. He also was called racial ephitats by the logging crews. Meanwhile activists videotaped a spotted owl pair and a pair of fledglings as well in the area of unit 3 and the information was relayed to the US Forest Service. A biologist came and checked for the owls and found the information to be valid. We have been waiting for the acting district ranger to make a decision on if he will shut down felling in the area to protect the owls, but loggers were again cutting today and indeed cutting within 20 ft. of the tree-sit.This could possibly be a violation of the Endangered Species Act. This was documented by a film crew today, who entered the area with a press pass. Evidently the loggers did not want to let them talk with the woman in the tree-sit, but they insisted. She managed to give an interview and said she was talking with the fellers trying to persuade them not to cut the trees near her,but they claimed they were highly skilled and insisted on cutting the trees and endangered her life. She has indeed put up a brave stuggle to save the ancient trees at Berrypatch. We will be watching to see if the Forest Service protects the owls on thursday morning or if they feel like ignoring the Endangered Species Act. Alot of the trees are on the ground, but there are some left. We will update as news comes in.

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