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Love, Anarchy, And other Affairs

Actress needs help booking shows for her one women play, Love, Anarchy, and othe Affairs.
Greetings from Houston Texas,
My name is KT. I will be traveling this summer with a one woman play i've put together:

Emma Goldman: Love, Anarchy and Other Affairs
by Jessica Litwak

I'm looking for help booking dates all over the country. Do you know a venue? Maybe you have an event going on and a nice evening of theatre would fit in. i performed the play here in houston the first time as part of our may day international labor festival.
I've performed in warehouses, clubs, and grassy fields. I'm sure you'll love it; who can resist a good anarchist love story?

Looking foreward to hearing from you,

please respond to:  loveanarchyandotheraffairs@yahoo.com

What the critics are saying about Emma Goldman:

"A hysterical woman!" -Johan Most (rabble rouser)

"Emma Goldman: High Priestess of Anarchy." -NY Times

"There's nothing wrong with Miss Goldman's gospel that I can see, except this:she is about 8,000 years ahead of her time." -Editor St Louis Times Mirror

"Anarchists have no rights in this community." Providence Rhode Island Police (1897)

"It is unlawful to utter, print, write or publish any disloyal, profane, scurrilous or abusive language about the Government of the United States, or Army, or Navy of the United States." -1917 Espionage Act

phone: phone: 713-526-5102