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grand jury update

a quick update
About 30 people gathered at the federal courthouse this afternoon to protest the Grand Jury that has targeting activists. Grand Juries are highly secretive and the proceedings take place behind closed doors so it is often a challenge to know what they are even about. Local people who have been subpoenaed to this one believe the subject is the lumber truck arsons that took place last year at Mt. Hood.

The crowd drummed and interacted with people walking by. Cars honked support for signs held at the curb. It was a great show of support for the local activists who have been called before the Grand Jury. At around 2:30, Martha, one of the people who had been subpoenaed, emerged and answered a few questions.

She described the proceedings as "short and sweet" and said she "invoked the Fifth [Amendment] on all questions". One of the questions was whether she was a "member" of the Cascadia Forest Alliance (CFA). Two other questions were about "particular people, not activists, who are not affiliated with CFA".

Martha also said that the Grand Jury won't impact her activism and stated, "I plan to continue doing what I do." A member of the crowd yelled, "You rock, Martha!" and a cheer went up.

Emily, another activist who was recently subpoenaed, has had her appearance before the Grand Jury moved back by one month.

one guy called em BS 10.Jul.2002 17:21

St. Francis, A Sissy

this past monday, i actually met a guy who said he was going to finally see (participate in? i forget) a grand jury. he said he knew that they were "bullshit" where no justice was to be had.

grand corruption 10.Jul.2002 17:39

St. Francis, A Sissy

U of Dayton general info on "grand jury" http://www.udayton.edu/~grandjur/ "U.S. Grand Jury Reform" http://www.constitution.org/jury/gj/gj-us.htm

Woops. Sorry I missed it. 10.Jul.2002 20:17

misc incongruous

I didn't hear about the wheres and whens of the GJ until seeing this post. Would just like to offer up one of my favorite signs: "Grand Juries: The Best Way to Prosecute ... When You Don't Have a Case."

Go Martha!