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Subversive Pillow Theatre is back in Eugene!

The Subversive Pillow theatre tries to hard-to-find films that reflect a deeper truth to capitalism, imperialism and revolution. Also provides many good speakers throughout the year.

Subversive Pillow Theatre Is back in Eugene!

Subversive Pillow Theatre is back and we'll be showing our films at Cosmic Pizza (14th and Willamette in Eugene) in July. This month we're showing:

Sunday, July 7: Salvador

Salvador is an Oliver Stone film that was made during the climax of the revolution in El Salvador. Salvador is a story about a dirt poor journalist who leaves Los Angeles to El Salvador in search of a juicy story to cover.

While looking for a juicy story to bring back to the USA to make money off of, the journalist gets to see firsthand the horrors of American foreign policy and the fascism of America's puppet government in El Salvador. He also sees how the corporate media served toproject a positive image of the Salvadoran regime, the School Of the Americas, and corporate America, while ignoring the suffering endured by the people of El Salvador.

In part, this movie is the story of an American journalist coming to terms with the horrors that his own country is perpetuating. And in part, this movie is a fictional account of El Salvador's major Leftist revolutionary force, the FMLN, and their struggle against capitalist imperialism.

Sunday, July 14: Bastille Day

There will be no Subversive Pillow Theatre this Sunday. But you should be sure to come and see Bo Brown (former political prisoner, former urban guerrilla fighter, founder of the "Out Of Control Committee To Support Women Prisoners), and Chris Plummer (former political prisoner, longtime anti-fascist organizer) speak about their experiences in prison and their thoughts on the contemporary movements against oppression and exploitation. This event will be at the 150 Columbia Room at the University of Oregon in Eugene at 7pm. Donations will be needed, but no one will be turned away for a lack of funds. Be sure not to miss this event!

Monday, July 15: Women In Prisons

This Monday at Cosmic Pizza, former political prisoner, longtime prison activist, and internationally recognized expert on women in prison, Bo Brown (see article above), will show a film about women political prisoners in the USA. Following the video showing, Bo Brown will talk about the film and the politics of women in prison. Donations will be requested, but not mandatory. At 8:30 PM.

Sunday, July 21: Panama Deception

In 1989 Panama was turned inside out by 26,000 US government troops searching for one man, Manuel Noriega. Stealth fighters roared overhead, media reports were suppressed, and the civilian body count had risen into the thousands.

While the US government was telling one story, an intrepid group of filmmakers were braving roadblocks and bullets to bring America truth. This film documents what really happened. See mass graves unearthed exposing horrific atrocities, homeless families interned in concentration camps, and other unpleasant aspects of America's invasion of Panama. This film was banned in Panama and is hated by the people in power here in the States.

Sunday, July 28: Waco: The Rules Of Engagement

This is a powerful, shocking film which says that the FBI machine-gunned Branch Davidians at the Waco compound and committed numerous other crimes there in order to set an example of what will happen to people who don't follow the rules. This film is the first full-length documentary film to present the complete picture of the tragic series of events outside Waco, Texas that resulted in the gassing and fiery deaths of 76 men, women, and children in 1993.

The film raises serious doubts about the FBI's version of the story, and makes you question the government as a whole.

This event is always free, though you may want to bring some cash to buy pizza, soda, or beer (the bar will be open).

Subversive Pillow Theater is at 9:15 pm every Sunday night (with some exceptions, see above) at Cosmic Pizza,located at 1433 Willamette in Eugene.

the film - salvador 07.Jul.2002 17:55

film buff

i just rented and watched the fim "salvador" a few nights ago. an oliver stone film, my expectations were for something much more than what this film delivered. the cheesy over-dramafied soundtrack was a great discredit to the film. some of the script was also wack - a bit like a made for t.v. movie. yet, there was some very important issues raised in the film.

i just did not understand the reasoning for the direction of the film. my thought was that mr. stone threw in the stupid humor (he co-aothored the script too) and the trumpted up music as a way to deflate the seriousness of the topic, i don't know. but i was dissapointed with it.

now, the movie "romero" is a powerful film, on basically the same subject. i highly recommend that.