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I Dream of Bush - On his way into Hell

A dream of the darkest hour - An "anti-parade" carries our pResident to his reward in Hell.
I Dream of Bush - On his way into Hell

It began in that darkest hour, just before the Dawn, a dark, dark dream of justice, and the relentless GRAVITY OF FATE.

The midnight blue lincoln convertible idled silently in front of the Whitehouse. JFK had just driven it over from Arlington. bush burst out of the front door of the Whitehouse after being forcefully ejected by both Lincoln and Washington. he had been awakened rudely, and was'nt quite sure where he was off to. This was a familiar feeling for him, as he rarely knew where his daddy was sending him until karen whispered it into his ear, but always the dutiful son, he knew wherever it was, it was just where he was supposed to go...

His lizard skin cowboy boots smeared black oil and barbecue sauce onto the back seat as bush climbed up to sit on the folded top of the limo. Standing in the dark just outside the gates of the Whitehouse as the silent car passed by, stood the stooped form of cheney. he was chained to a sewer cover and carried a large truck battery in his arms. The two wires that ran from the battery into his chest were too short for him to put it down, so whenever he was forced to come above ground, he had to cradle it in his arms, like an 80lb lead baby.

The parade began at the pentagon. An officer from what used to be the Naval Intelligence office in the blackened building called his men to attention as their leader passed before them, their crisp dress uniforms wafting little tendrils of smoke and the unmistakeable aroma of jet fuel.

The trip from Washington to New York passed quickly through the countryside as bush looked hopefully for the signs and placards of his adoring fans. They were not to be found. As the limo approached the outskirts of New York, he could see the American People who stood in increasing numbers along the way. He smiled and waved as he passed them, but no smiles or waves welcomed his eyes. The people turned their backs upon him as he passed.

When he was about four blocks from where the twin towers of the World Trade Center once stood, the sky darkened and ash began to fall like confetti. Through the gloom, he saw something glittering in the grey dust of the street and asked Jack to stop and let him retrieve it. When he picked it up, he discovered it was a passport. In spite of the dust and ash of the rubble littered street, it was in pristine condition and had the name Mohamed Atta printed clearly upon it in bright, crisp letters. bush inexplicably thought it was his own (remember,this is a dream) and tucked it into his shirt pocket and climbed back into the lincoln.

When he arrived at the gigantic pit at the end of lower Manhattan, the throngs of backsides stretched as far as his eyes could see. Some where dressed in the ceremonial costumes of Afganistan, others wearing the hardhats and heavy jackets of firefighters. bush shouted out to them, thinking surely these folks would turn around and greet him, after all, the fire fighters had been so nice to him when he had been here the last time.

But no, still not a word from anyone. Then he noticed the news anchors - at last! here were people who were facing him! But no sound came from them. He could see their lips moving, but no words, only ashes passed from their mouths, falling in little piles in front of them. they appeared not to notice and went on, speaking words of silent ashspeak.

bush got out of the limo and walked to the observation platform. Former FBI agent John O'Neill was waiting there and stepped forward to ask bush to show him some ID. Finally, bush thought, somebody was speaking to him. he handed him Atta's passport. O'Neil checked to confirm that the picture inside of a man sitting before a group of school children was indeed bush, and then guided him down the steps to the edge of the pit.

As he gazed into the vast abyss before him, a dark, dank mist began to form. It rose up before him, a shapeless mass of seething energy. Twin tenacles, as if from a giant octopus reached out and twined their way around george w. bush and dragged him slowly into the pit.

The mist closed about him and became a swirling whirlpool, like the flushing of an enormous toilet, and down, down he went, into the bowels of the Earth.

At that moment, a gentle rain began to fall over all of Manhattan. Soon, it became a torrential downpour. It began to wash away the ash that covered the thousands of backstanders. Light began to shine out of them as the ash fell away, turning them into beautiful, winged beings of heavenly radiance.

At that moment, as the rain washed the last of the ashes into the pit, the victims of this heinous Crime against Humanity rose up, in mass, into the sky - with the Dawn of a New Day - and i was awakened.
sorry for this little nitpicking 29.Sep.2004 22:27

crazy w/ the grammar girl

I was just searching for examples of the phrase "humanity rose up" (because I had heard it used incorrectly recently and wanted to be sure that I myself knew the appropriate definition of the phrase), and I came across your article.

To make it short, it's "en masse", not "in mass". The phrase is French. I believe you used it correctly, just spelled it wrong.


Dreamer 02.Jul.2005 05:57

Kelly evl2good2004@yahoo.com

I was looking for July $th gif's on Google and i was sort of looking for the out of the ordinary idea of "July 4th".
I ran across your dream, that is awesome,I've had some crazy dreams myself, but this one is by far the best one Ive heard...I'm jealous..lol
Here's to a new day!!!!!!!!
Thanks for sharing this!!!!