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BBC video implicates Israelis - tanks shown killing fleeing children in Jenin

BBC article and a video of the Jenin incident contradicts story by Israelis. People are clearly running away from the position. A tank then fires.
Watch the BBC video footage from Jenin

Read the shocking BBC article

"Ahmad asked me for money because he wanted to buy a chocolate bar. I loved him and his brother so much" Dead boys' father

The Israeli army has apologised for causing the deaths of six-year-old Ahmad Abu Aziz and his 13-year-old brother Jamil, but said the tank crew opened fire to deter Palestinians breaking a curfew and approaching them.

However, the footage shows a tank firing the first of two shells, at close range, at a group of civilians who are running away. more

Top: The two boys and others run on the street; Dr al-Ahmad's car approaches Bottom: Israeli tank appears, and opens fire

Gee, ain't that a fucking shame! 06.Jul.2002 05:22

Hesham Mohammed Hadayet

Too bad they didn't blast all the little fuckers.

(By the way, the BBC makes Fox News seem objective.)

Yawn 08.Jul.2002 04:44


> Too bad they didn't blast all the little fuckers.

yet another armchair oppressor... yawn. Wake me up when the rollover point is past and you creeps are struggling for your lives.

>(By the way, the BBC makes Fox News seem objective.)

You mean, they're more biaised than the thinggie that claimed bush to have won pResidentials 2001 a few minutes before anyone else, when Gore had 600.000 votes more? That's a good one, einstein.

Hesham Mohammed Hadayet 10.Jul.2002 05:16

Evan Morris evanmorris@ananzi.co.za

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You will notice that I have posted my email address along with this message. This is because, unlike you, I am not a coward. If you have anything to say to me, get your mommy over to the keybvoard so she can type your message, and let it rip.

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