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get involved with portland indymedia -- gathering on saturday

saturday, july 6, 4:00 - ? p.m., Red & Black Cafe, SE Division St. @ 22nd
this saturday come to the Red and Black at 4:00 (or later -- no official start time) to find out more about how to get involved with indymedia. every saturday the editorial folks meet to talk about features on the website. you can learn how to do them, too !! so if you like what's on portland indy and want to add to it, or don't like what's there and want something else too, you can learn how to do it !!

you can also find out all about portland indymedia in general and how to get involved in other areas -- reporting, tech, outreach, web-radio (now under development !!), and more !!

come one, come all, and learn how to Become The Media !!