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Come help with the People's Co-op move on Friday, July 5

your help is needed on july 5 at peoples !!
The People's Co-op renovation has been underway for some months and is scheduled to be done by September. The new building is up, the cob walls are curing, and the bathroom is in. Tomorrow, July 5, all the store's stock will be moved from th e old store to the new one, starting at 9:00 a.m. This is a big task and lots of help is needed if everything is to be moved in one day.

When the old building is emptied it will be renovated. Then the two buildings will be attached and will be one big one. (Although it will still be a nice cozy store -- not TOO big!)

So -- come and help with the big Peoples move a on Friday. It's sure to be a fun day with groovy people, and you'll be supporting a wonderful community institution.

The Peoples Co-op is on SE 21st and Tibbets, just north of Powell and about 6 blocks south of Division.