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Our Patriotic Duty to the International Court

Its time we patriots did our duty and sent the Bush crime family to the International Court
Our Patriotic Duty to the International Court

By Lloyd Hart

Its time we patriots did our duty and sent the Bush crime family to the International Court that just opened up for business this week in the Hague to face charges on a variety of crimes where the evidence is readily available to supply a conviction. Like the case the NAACP just advanced with a favorable ruling announced yesterday giving the NAACP access to the smoking gun, a list of some 58,000 names of people that were illegally and by a massive majority, politically and ethnically cleansed from the Florida voters list in what has been proven to be a part of "a vast right wing conspiracy" to steal election 2000 which as you know was a successfully committed crime, that even found co-conspirators on the US Supreme Court.

But of course the Bush crime family (BCF) has another idea about the International Court as you have also been hearing this week and it is this, the BCF does not want to be apart of a court that will inevitably bring Bush and his entire crime syndicate to justice for crimes against humanity. No matter what restrictions the UN security council places on the court now, to satisfy the Rabid Bush Gang, eventually, those restrictions will be lifted as Europe becomes more and more enlightened and of course as BCF attempts more and more extreme attacks on the advancement of our society. This could put the entire Bush Family fortune at risk just for the activities of Prescott Bush aiding and abetting the Holocaust of the Jewish people during WWII let alone 9/11.

And of course US Slavery and the Native American Holocaust could also find its way to the International Court as well as the slaughter of innocent Vietnamese. The list is long in America's Manifest Destiny Crimes.

If we are to truly honor the constitution of The United States we have a duty to impeach Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and all their appointees and send them to the International court for trial. The evidence is clear and compelling that they played a roll in at least consciously allowing the 9/11 attacks to occur by ordering the Air Guard to Stand Down the morning of 9/11 and doing so for the purposes of their own personal gain and those of the energy companies (Enron, Haliburton and Unicol) involved in the pipeline scam in Afghanistan, the central Asian Republic and Pakistan which is all apart of greater conspiracy to control the price of oil and gas, keeping them cheaper than Wind, Solar And Methane generated power.

If we do not stop these wicked men from succeeding in their mentally deranged conquest of absolute power over our lives, every man, woman and child, our species and most life on this planet will be gone by the end of this century.

Patriotism is about the constitution and the respect of the rule of law and considering actions of the Bush Crime Family since the 2000 stolen election it must be quite clear they have absolutely no respect for the constitution, the rule of law nor the citizens that are charged with the duty to protect both.

This day I will not raise a flag, I will read the constitution of the United States of America and ponder about the piracy that has shredded the document but could not harm the idea I hold in my heart.

Happy Fourth of July

Yours Truly

Lloyd Hart

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