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Circle of Cooperation

moving towards a progressive path of rEvolution and enlightenment
Circle of Cooperation
Circle of Cooperation
A recent article to the newswire: "The Movement For Male Restraint" by Emma Goldwoman, has created ire in some readers. While there are individuals who agree with some of her points, there seems to be a general feeling that her remarks, perceptions and proposals are "sexist" and stereotypical.

If male dominance has been going on for 10,000 years, as Ms. Goldwoman asserts, then it will take a lot of re-education for things to move into a place of healthy balance, re-education being the key place to focus our energies.

It is not a new suggestion to have men step aside so that women can have a turn at ruling the world. But a healthy polarity requires a balance of female *and* male energy.

It is absurd to suggest that women have had little influence on the entropy that is consuming the planet today. It is accurate to say that there are a greater majority of men then there are women who are caught up in the patriarchal system that is responsible for the quagmire that we find ourselves in.

Patriarchy is a creation of the "system" that seeks to keep not only genders, but also races and species separated and distrustful of one another. Both men and women participate in patriarchy, a system of hierarchy based on the desire to control. When we seek to control anything, rebellion is the natural result. Control our physical illnesses with drugs - the symptoms deepen and the disease progresses. Control our children with harsh rules and consequences and they turn away from us and act out. Control each other in relationships and we end up wounded and angry, which often leads to resentment, and perhaps violent verbal, emotional, or physical reactions.

Human's desire to have power over and control the environment is destroying the planet. Nature is a perfect teacher that beckons us to follow her rhythmic cycles. This cyclic nature is *most* evident in the female body, bestowing women with an intrinsic, intuitive ability. Women therefore have a responsibility of leadership, especially in relationships. (Leadership is not in itself a *bad* thing. We take lead roles in things that we are good at. Leaders are mentors, teachers who educate or guide others, in turn helping them to lead in things that they excel in.)

Aside from this undulating flow, sexual union is a cooperative act, but it is ultimately our personal responsibility to fulfill our own sexual needs. Having the expectation that someone else is responsible leads us back to the compulsion to control and manipulate a situation or a person, to satisfy our own desires.

While Ms. Goldwoman proposes a "circle of communication", I offer the idea of a "circle of cooperation", where both women *and* men rise up and take responsibility, where we create unified partnership and tend to things together.

Because we are so deeply immersed in chaos we obviously cannot expect to regain order or harmony overnight, despite who is "in charge". The truth is we are all struggling in this together. It is also true that some individuals are on a path with fewer obstacles in their way, fewer delusions clouding their judgment. It is these individuals, those who possess a genuine and egoless compassion, both female and male, that have a responsibility to lead us towards a more progressive path of rEvolution and enlightenment.
Immediate action is critical 07.Jul.2002 18:21

swaneagle harijan frontlinemom@yahoo.com

After all this time, it would seem that parity, equality, balanced voice would be securely in place among so-called radicals. Not so. Not by a long leap.

90% of casualities in "war" are women and children. Many women with fantastic skills and ideas are severely limited by single mothering and poverty that far too many male radicals never experience. Try not only hunger for yourself, but being helpless when you child must do without.
We do not have trust among us. We are well brained dirtied subjects of capitalistic corporate insitutionalized upbringing, as much as we dream otherwise. Patriarchy is so alive and well. I recive numerous posts daily about rape all over this planet that staggers the mind. The reality of rape and battering among activists also illustrates how terribly far we have yet to go to even approach one facet of equality, a bit of safety on the forntlines of life.

Then go to demos, meetings, book signings and countless other events displaying what progressives are doing. What do we continually find? White male dominance or women and some people of color who have voice due to replicating the behaviors of the most powerful white guy activist writers, speakers and performers. There is NO commitment by so called feminist men to address these things much less the ongoing rape, molestation and battering.

Women don't run the show except in tiny little patches here and there. How can equality be truly activated? I want to know and i want to know NOW!