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Mobilize against Microsoft's 'final solution' for owning the internet

Monday July 1st - Microsoft quietly unveils its plan for total ownership/control of the world wide web and for remote controlling all new PCs
Microsoft announced on Monday its plans for a new processor-based digital authentication system known as 'Palladium', which would enable Microsoft to effectively remote-control home PCs under the guise of 'security' and 'copyright protection'. Of course these are both serious issues that need to be addressed, but the implications of the Palladium technology are much wider-ranging and far more disturbing than simply protecting software manufacturers' and other copyrights.
The following articles reveal how Palladium is almost certain to put an end to Open Source software as we know it - i.e. it would mean curtains for Linux. It would also mean curtains for the Macintosh platform if Apple refused to submit control of their customers' machines to Microsoft under the Palladium system. Added to this are a whole host of trust concerns - for example, Palladium would give Microsoft unlimited access to your personal internet history, email history, email encryption keys and even your hard disk contents. It would also enable Microsoft-controlled, hardware-based blocking of websites that it deems 'insecure' and hence 'non-Palladium-approved'.
PLEASE read the articles linked below. I am helping to organize a group to put together a website aimed at making internet users aware of the dangers of Palladium and its hardware cohort, TCPA. The facts about Palladium speak for themselves: the public will use their buying power to preserve their freedom if they are made aware of the sheer and absolute invasion of privacy and freedom of choice that Palladium represents. It is imperitive that we begin organising now to oppose this new technology that would mean the end of digital privacy and the death of the free internet.

ZDNET News - Who trusts Microsoft's Palladium? Not me

The Register - MS to eradicate GPL, hence Linux

internetnews.com - Is Microsoft's Palladium a Trojan Horse?

PBS.org - The end is near
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MACRO-CONTROL 07.Jul.2002 08:55

Pete founder@1collegeplace.com

It seems like Gates and company have actually decided to take control of the internet. In my mind this is a very ad thing. It seems scary the idea of Microsoft determining which sites a person can actually look at. Hopefully the techies will take a stand. Hope that resistance/education against this monstrosity works. Anyone interested in reaching out to techies should check out www.slashdot.org

how can we resist? 07.Jul.2002 14:57


Main problem is, all the stuff is sold under the whip of security and anti-childporn.
People say "I have nothing to hide" and get trapped.

But this is not so. Knowing all that much is none of their business.
No one can say he/she is without personal weaknesses, personal opinions in special topics, or without any kind of health problems or other unique attributes of his/her body.
Shouldn't we be able to use our computers to share personal thoughts among those who we trust (and no one else)?

Statistics and tracking can do anything to any group of people considered less desirable customers.

It does not stop with dissidents.

Religious groups will try to get private information to proselytize, or to denounce competitive ethic streams or efforts. They will know, whether you are Creationist or Evolutionist.
Political parties will pay for information to single out dangerous opinion leaders in one's neighbourhood.
Toys and Movie media enterprises will unsolicitedly interrogate people why they don't give their stuff to their children and put them under pressure saying the development of the children is in danger.

It is the first head of a Hydra. Please help to cut it off. No backdoor alternatives, no compliance, no backsteps for the sake of morality. "If this can't be implemented, we must do something else to protect people." No ! Not You ! Not let us take the second worse cure for the problem.
Don't ever more employ the goat as a gardener. Don't buy from one who preaches water and drinks wine !

The only outcome of such information control will be the loss of truth and trust among people. We have seen this in totalitarian countries.
We have seen planned economies, we have seen enterprises having alarmingly close connections to governmental personnel. In a country where full competition is on top of its ideology, seeing the demise of major enterprises who lied about their budget and financial connections, such a notion of 'protection' under proprietary technologies is not too trustworthy, is it?

Choice quote 09.Jul.2002 10:50


a good quote from the ZDnet article. If people are already talking like this, Palaidum will bever fly. This is in reference to Microsoft wishing to use the above project to "police the internet" and enforce US copyright law. And this is from ZDnet, a typically corporate-centric news source!

"What makes me really nervous is when the corporates doing the policing are themselves guilty of criminal acts. Should we really trust Microsoft, which has been found guilty in the highest court in the U.S. of breaking laws in a way that harmed consumers, to build a 'trusted platform' for us? This is the very same Microsoft, remember, which now stands accused infringing 11 patents belonging to InterTrust in 144 separate claims. I am not suggesting that Microsoft is guilty; merely that it is less than suitable as a candidate to police laws or to develop technology that can be used to police laws. I'd rather trust my trusted platform to Nobby the Weasel who sells counterfeit cologne in the Star and Garter."

The best part about this.... 31.Jul.2002 18:05

Zeed Cookey_1400@hotmail.com

The best part about this is, its all done to keep corporations safer. Most computer hackers are targeting corporations, corporate money, or credit cards, or sending virus's. The only ones you really have to worry about is the last 2. Truly this is to make the corporations "more secure". Microcrap doesn't give a rats ass about the average consumer.

Orwellian concept 01.Aug.2002 12:24

Dave dave@rockinrimranch.com

The Orwellian nature of Microsoft and the US government should be a warning to all citizens. The US is a totalitarian state. Along with the corporate elite, they are now maneuvering to control the very existence of every US citizen. Orwell forecast this in "1984" and it's becoming reality.

Fight Microsoft control of your computer any way you can.

The fascists are in power worldwide, and the world will never be the same. Freedom is vanishing fast, and democracy will be thrown on the ash heap of history, just like communism was. The result will be life in Orwell's totalitarian, fascist/corporate world dictatorship.

explorer 5.21 for mac already censored 01.Aug.2002 18:19


Micrisoft explorer 5.1 for macintosh already censors sites like "fuckmicrosoft.com", It's already happening....

Call me a dreamer! 21.Aug.2002 23:01

Burston Green penmanchip@hotmail.com

I knew "something deadly" was up this past weekend. Everyone here re-formatted and changed our names.

I Couldn't open a radio-show because I didn't have ActiveX, so I installed Explorer off my iMac's System disk and it went to Microsoft for some sort of up-date. To my surprise, the prefs for: Netscape, RealPlayer and QuickTime were immediately trashed. Naturally, I bypassed the directory, the Aladdin "Stuff-it," and went to find the invisibles through Norton's FastFind. I found one evil looking monster and put it in a nestled-folder in the Utilities-Bin.

Now, I;m right back where I started. Netscape 4._ . Goodbye fools who don't adopt QuickTime 6., with 'real-time' MPEG4 and some sort of open-source alternatives. Now, I'm thinking we're all better off with retro-ware!

P.s. It's No Joke What Bush is endorsing without our consent.

Trojan horse still has an achilles heel 16.Sep.2002 01:10


There have been several scenarios of how someone - well, actually in every case Bill Gates, will take over the internet. Each one of them has contained the seeds of its own demise. I do not counsel apathy or inaction, but avoid the knee-jerk.

The basis of the internet was developed with funding by the US DARPA (Department of Defence). The key characteristic of the system was to be complete decentralization so that a failure anywhere would not compromise the system - the data would keep flowing. The kind of failure they were thinking of involved thermonuclear devices...

So - there is no choke point where anyone can control internet traffic.

The only ones who can control the traffic are the ISPs and organizations who actually own the networks that internet traffic crosses. Oh, and of course any machine that you talk to and your own machine.

Microsoft can (and will) try to do something to your local machine. However, how are they going to persuade anyone else to control network traffic? What is in it for an ISP or anyone else who runs a network? The networks do NOT rely on microsoft-powered kit by and large.

So the threat we are talking about connections across an uncontrolled internet (as now) secured at each end by the 'palladium' data interchange system. Only if you use that system and want to get something from a 'palladium' site on the internet somewhere will any control occur.

Copyright owners are going to be interested in secure connections over the internet - which are incidentally nothing new. It is the charging for use mechanisms spawned from this technology which they are going to be interested in. It is not clear what the uptake is likely to be. Right now it is hyping old technology as something radically new.
Nice one Bill.

One legacy of the cold war is the wonderfully anarchist internet; uncontrollable except through a labyrinth of
agreements and arrangements as complex as the system itself, maintained by a community of some fiercely independent engineering types. Somehow I think it will be safe for a while yet.

Why the heck...? 05.Jan.2003 16:29


OK. I'm not an US citizen... so.. why the heck US Government should search for anything on my personal computer?

No way!

I'm not using Windows since the 1998, and I don't plan to use anything with M$ in its name.

We all should say NO to global surveillance!


Lets get started on another separate" INTERNET" 09.Oct.2003 16:21

Sir BRUCE RIDEOUT freedomHQ@shaw.ca

I'll gladly connect up over a separate wire to get my moneys worth. The bigger they are the harder they fall. Let us not forget Vimy Ridge where sappers tunneled for months to contruct huge mines to destroy the enemy. The information overloaded clones of a YUPPIE JUDAS can be stopped. My life is mine, not MICROSOFTS. I, having been denied all benevolent forces in even getting an imaging program to paint my little toy planes, raise my arthritic middle finger to the fancy pants manipulators of the truth and shout LONG LIVE UNRESTRICTED FILE SHARING. UNFETTERED ACCESS TO ALL, WELFARE CUTS IN YOUR FACE, "RIGHTS FOR MEN WHO ARE NOT QUEER" It took me years and great expense to put my computer together and now it seems that it was hardly worth it. If it gets much worse I guess I'll just have to begin life without the computer. Real men and women don't appreciate yuppie bullcrap. Please humanity - we are all stuck here together-share the wealth the truth and try to get along.......