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New tree-sit in Willamette National Forest

New tree-sit in Willamette National Forest
A new tree-sit has been built in unit 3 of the Berrypatch timber sale. Tree-sitters form Cascadia Forest Defenders are protesting the cutting of ancient forest within the Winberry Creek watershed.Much of the sale has already been logged,but we feel attention needs to be called to the continued destruction of old-growth and native forests. At around 7 am logging crews arrived at the tree-sit and became aware that there were protesters in the trees. The crews left and as of 12:00 pm,had not returned. We will update as news comes in. For current forest news from around cascadia and the world,check out www.tree-sit.org open publishing newswire.

homepage: homepage: http://www.tree-sit.org

It's good to see............... 03.Jul.2002 17:40


It's good to see people are out there protecting our clean air and water. I'm a little old to tree-sit,but I fully support what the people in the trees are doing to save them. Hats off to them!

still cutting! 04.Jul.2002 12:49


Thurs 12:00 pm: Loggers are still cutting in unit 3 where the tree-sit is located. At this point it does not appear they are cutting close to the sit,but they are cutting on the other side of the unit.We will update as info becomes available.

We C.A.N. do it! 05.Jul.2002 10:01

Allahntin Bahana ysab@efn.org

Just an old white male ewok checking in. Keep it "up"!


People needed at Berrypatch NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 05.Jul.2002 17:45


As of July 5th, there is one treesit at berrypatch, and one womyn in that tree sit. Loggers are cutting down trees all around her. She is surrounded by a clearcut. We need people to get the fuck out to Berrypatch and stop these loggers! Please help!