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Oregonian demonizes protesters... again

No reporters from the Oregonian attended the Solo timber sale auction protest on Tuesday, but that didn't stop the paper from printing an article about the event. In a post to the open publishing newswire, a "concerned individual" writes about the article's factual inconsistencies: "In the article, they are repeating lies from the aggressive Forest Service, Sandy Police, and Federal Protective Service's officers who are trying to cover their asses and justify why they attacked the crowd without issuing any sort of dispersal order. For instance, after the crowd was attacked physically, but before spray was used, a SMALL PLASTIC BOTTLE was tossed onto the windshield of the logging company owner's car. It did not hit any officers, nor was it thrown at them. The allegations relating to the 'menacing' charge are similarly unclear and should not be taken at face value. Video reveals the Sandy Police first losing their shit and pepper spraying people point blank in the eyes. But to repeat, the law enforcement attacked the crowd - shoving people to the ground, throwing people to the ground and at least one into blackberry brambles, and pepper spraying people in the face without ever having issued a dispersal order. They were out of control."

Another poster spoke to the Oregonian reporter who wrote the article, Andy Dworkin, and comments: "Dworkin confirmed that 'unfortunately' no one from the paper was present at the auction and protest. Dworkin says he spoke with Clackamas County Sheriff Dept. and Forest Service employees, including one person from each agency who was at the protest. He also said he spoke to more than one protester who was there. Dworkin claims, then, to have cast a wide net in gathering information for this story. His account, however, gives us the words of only one fish. Nowhere in the account [of the direct action and pepper-spraying] does he quote anyone who was present, either protester or officer. What we've got, with Dworkin quoting Blanchard, is someone who wasn't there quoting someone else who wasn't there. This is third-hand information of a quality that in social circles we would call 'gossip'." [ Read more... ]