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New Tree-Sit in controversial Mt. Hood old growth sale

Forest Defenders Take to the Trees at Solo Timber Sale
As part of a week of hard-hitting actions following the Earth First! rendezvous, activists with the Cascadia Forest Alliance (CFA) are occupying a new tree sit in a 300- 400 year old Douglas Fir tree in the Mt. Hood National Forest, poised to defend the Solo old growth timber sale. This brings the number of active tree-sits locations in Oregon up to five, as activists across the region step up their campaign to protect public lands in response to the Bush Administration and former timber industry lobbyist Mark Rey's pro-timber agenda.

The Solo Timber Sale, which will clear-cut 216 acres of ancient forest in the Oak Grove Watershed, is set to be auctioned by the Forest Service July 30th, 2002.

"We want the logging companies to know before they buy the sale that it is no longer acceptable to commercially log public lands, and we will be using non-violent civil disobedience to protect this ancient forest," said Sally Smith, a CFA volunteer. [ Read More... ]

Media Tour of new Solo Tree Sit
At 11 am, on Thursday July 11th, activists with CFA will be touring the controversial Solo timber sale. The tour will include two major highlights: the rare lichen, known as "old growth specklebelly", and the new tree sit, set over 120 feet up in an old growth Douglas fir. [ Read More... ]

[ Cascadia Forest Alliance Website