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Earth First! shuts down Umpqua Holdings building for two hours; four arrested

For over two hours today, about one hundred Earth First! activists shut down the headquarters of the Umpqua Holding Company in Portland to protest the destruction of public lands, ancient forest logging and to demand the immediate cancellation of particularly controversial 'replacement volume' timber sales. Umpqua Holding Co. and its subsidiary, Umpqua Bank, are tightly connected at the highest levels to the destruction of Oregon's ancient forests. Umpqua Holding Co.'s largest shareholders own Herbert Lumber Company and the president of the board of Umpqua Bank is Allyn Ford, owner of Roseburg Forest Products and among the biggest loggers of public ancient forests in the region. Furthermore, Roseburg Forest Products owns the contracts to some of the most controversial mature and old growth timber sales on public lands in Oregon. Over the last two years activists have increasingly begun to target Umpqua Bank for protests as a means to force Roseburg Forest Products and Herbert Lumber to respect the public's desires to protect ancient forests.

At 12:15 this afternoon fifty activists, including the Infernal Noise Brigade, occupied the lobby of the building at 200 SW Market St. while another fifty activists occupied the Umpqua Holding Co's 19th story office, including two 17 year olds who locked their necks to the Bank's doors with kryptonite locks. Police pepper sprayed the group in the lobby of the building without issuing an order to disperse and arrested four individuals in the marching band who have not yet been released from jail. The fifty activists on the 19th floor remained for two hours until they felt their demands were delivered clearly to the leadership of the Bank, most notably Allyn Ford of Roseburg Forest Products. [Stay tuned for VIDEO of this event, to be uploaded here soon.] [ Full story ]

Earth First! protest against Umpqua Bank in Eugene
From the open publishing newswire: "About 25 activists gathered with beautiful banners and signs outside stUmpqua Bank this afternoon. Mysteriously a load of wood chips was dropped inside the door of the bank and a big stump blocked the driveway entrance until a patriotic good samaritan took it upon himself to be the one-man police force and moved the stump out of the way. Several police showed up at this point, but the only harrasment was a citation given to an alleged 'jaywalker' trying to hand a piece of literature to a passerby. A loud speaker was informing customers of the bad deeds of the bank and Allyn Ford, and informing them that their money really does not 'want to be there' and their coffee does not 'taste better'." [ Full story ]