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Lowdown: Stop the corporate takeover of our water

The greater villains are loose in our world today, literally thirsting to take things that are yours and mine- and this time they might make off with the greatest plunder of all: our water.
Do something!

INFORMATION: Public Citizen's energy and environment program (1600 20th St. NW, Washington, DC 20009; 202-546-4996; www.citizen.org/cmep/water) has a wealth of material, testimony, and reports on this topic. Get free copies of the reports, including "Water Privatization: The Broken Promise," "Liquid Assets: Enron's Dip Into Water," and "The Big Greedy."

AGITATION: Public Citizen's water staff, directed by Wenonah Hauter, provide expertise and connections for local groups fighting water privatization. One major current focus is New Orleans, where three corporations are vying to take over the Big Easy's water. Contact the addresses above.

LEGISLATION: The devil is in the details of S.1961. To help kill Section 103(J)(1)(b) of this bill, which compels cities to consider water privatization, contact members of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. Public Citizen has information, contact numbers, and a way for you to fax a letter of opposition.

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poster's note: You might want to investigate _The Water Manifesto: Arguments for a World Water Contract_ by Riccardo Petrella

phone: phone: (866) 271-4900

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