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Protest the G8

Information for G8 protestors
Come on up to Calgary, Canada to disrupt the G8!

While the G8 leaders meet in Kananaskis, most average delegates will be holed up in Calgary. So, from June 23rd - 27th, there will be many actions to oppose, question and disrupt the G8 and Alberta's business community.

June 23rd - Community Solidarity March. A sanctioned march to show local opposition to the G8 and their Alberta counterparts, the Tories. 1 PM, Eau Claire Plaza.

June 24th or 25th - Gap action. A direct action event to prove that we'd rather be naked than wear Gap. High Noon, TD Square Gap.

June 25th - Showdown at the Hoe-down. A march and street party outside of the official welcome party for G8 delegates in Calgary. March starts 7 PM, Memorial Park.

June 26th - Blockade. Several moving blockades to stop traffic flow into the downtown core. A day for the people to take back the streets and disrupt the operations of corporations and the government; to show them who has the real power. Marches start at 6 AM at Shaw Millenium Park, Fort Calgary and Eau Claire Plaza.

Die-in for Life - Mass action to illustrate the thousands who die daily of malnutrition, AIDS and war. We'll lie down and pretend to die. Death and blood and good, good times. 11 AM, Olympic Plaza.

June 27th - March on Talisman. March to oppose genocide in Sudan. More details to follow.

For more actions, concerts and information on medical, legal, food, transportation and convergence space, check the website g8.activist.ca
Best To Ya, Calgary 20.Jun.2002 19:28

Den Mark Wichar

Best to ya, Calgary. I wish i could be there. Be strong. Be brave.

From a Portland/Seattle regular protester & WTO/Seattle vet,

Den Mark