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Wild Rockies EF! stops bitterroot logging truck, goes over bridge with banner

Today, 6 folks with Wild Rockies Earth First! were arrested, after they stopped a logging truck coming from the Bitteroot crossing a bridge in Missoula, Montana. They anchored lines to the truck, and went over the bridge with a banner to protest the salvage logging of the Bitterroot national Forest.
Around noon today, Wild Rockies Earth First! stopped a logging truck heading out loaded with logs from the Robin Gulch salvage sale in the bitteroot national forest. 6 were arrested. Four are accussed of stepping in front of the logging truck two stop it. Lines were anchored to the logging truck and two activists went over the bridge with a banner that read "Global Capitalism kills our forests. Welcome to the Wild Rockies." The two who went over the bridge are being charged with felony endangerment. Charges for the others include obstructing justice, pedestrians in the roadway, and disorederly conduct.

The Bitteroot Salvage is the largest timber sale in the nation, logging over 60,000 acres. If all the log trucks that will be full at the end of the sale were put in a line, it would stretch from Darby (80 miles south of Missoula - near the sales) to Spokane.